Roberts: Kiran Barbie Beauty

Is Fox & Friends’ former Fox, Kiran Chetry, now American Morning’s Barbie? Her co-anchor John Roberts seems to think so. After Kiran mentioned to Alina Cho in a Barbie’s 50th birthday segment, that the 60’s Barbie had hair like a “little Rob Blagojevich” and like her own in the second grade (after her mother had given her a perm), John seemed to glum on to the idea in the following Barbi segments.

Later, as John read a headlines story on Barbie’s 50th, he said, “Wow! Looks good: Still turning heads.” Then, looking at the comely Kiran, he commented, “I bet you look that good when you’re 50.” Kiran replied, “Yeah! But I’m not made of plastic.” When John did not respond other than with a studied pregnant stare, she added, “I know that you wanted to say, ‘Yet!’ I know that’s what you wanted to say.” To the audience, she asserted, “I’m still hanging tough.”

Finally, as AM concluded with the aforementioned Alina’s Barbi report aired again, Roberts declared, “Everything old is new again.” Kiran replied, “Including the Rob Blagojevich Barbie.” Doubtless, still remembering Kiran’s earlier allusion to herself, John emphatically proclaimed, “I love that!”

Join the crowd, John!

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3 Responses to “Roberts: Kiran Barbie Beauty”

  1. less kiran Says:

    she’s plastic……….her smile, her speech……everything……she needs to go to a toy store with Barbie. best place for her.

  2. Kep Says:

    She’s always been phony and plastic. A few years back she would say how she loved working at Fox News Channel, about how she would never think of leaving the place. She thought the charm offensive would give her E.D. Hill’s job, but as we all know, that didn’t work out too well! John Roberts is single now, is he not? He sure does lavish Kiran with plenty of complimentary remarks as of late, especially about her looks. Of course, there isn’t much to compliment her on when it comes to her journalistic skills.

  3. jakeho Says:

    Sorry, gals and guys, about the earlier very rough draft.

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