Morris Muffles Coulter

Unfortunately, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris rescued conservative babe and Guilty author, Ann Coulter, from herself today. As Clayton and co-anchor Ainsley Earhardt promoted an upcoming Rihanna/Chris Brown segment, Ann could be distinctly heard in the background as she chatted with weatherguy Rick Reichmuth.

After hearing Ann clearly state, “We’ll, we used to be friends,” a quick-thinking Clayton, looking back at the camera, strode toward Ann and louded asked, “Do you hear that voice back there? It’s the unmistakable voice of Ann Coulter.” When a red-faced Ann realized her error, she exclaimed “Oops!” as she placed her hand over mouth. Recovering, she smiled broadly and waved to the viewer as Rick merely grinned abashedly.

After Ann’s subsequent segment and the co-hosts’ segue to him, Rick teased, “I know what she was saying, too, when her microphone wasn’t on.” Embarrassed, Ann rocked back on the curvy couch and teheed. Clayton replied, “Don’t say it.” Rick responded, “Just saying but I’m not going to say it.” Co-anchor Dave Briggs cautioned, “Shhh!”

Bouquets, Clayton, from Ann and the F&FW producers but brickbats from your F&F fans.

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4 Responses to “Morris Muffles Coulter”

  1. M. Davey Says:

    What is the point of this blurb? Is it to say that Ann’s a loudmouth, or that they kept her from saying more, thus saving her bacon? I really dont’ get it.
    I’m so suspicious of people lately when they talk about Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. I can’t decide if people like them or hate them.
    I adore both of them for their candid approach to politics. If you believe it, say it. If you mess up and that jackass Keith Olbermann catches you, so be it! He still remains a jackass, while you can get over misspeaking.
    I can’t wait for Ann and Bill Maher (could be misspelled) to debate. I guess it will be on the airwaves.

  2. Al Says:

    As it happened, my trusty DVR caught the show and I just now watched that segment including Clayton Morris’ tease from outside the studio before the break. Ann Coulter didn’t do anything wrong. Looked more to me that a “quick-thinking Morris” realised nobody had bothered to inform their guest that he would doing that live spot just outside the Green Room where she was finishing a conversation before walking into the studio.

    Ms. Coulter did ask at the start of her segment if her mic was on in the Green Room and she was assured it wasn’t. The body language of everyone suggested she might be a little ticked if it had been and that, whatever they were discussing, had an “inside joke” quality to it. We have no idea what those two were discussing but, since there was recently some hub-bub raised about an article written about her some time ago, I’m betting she was asked, “Ann , you didn’t really once date _____ , did you?” And the name is someone they all know well and who might be slightly embarrassed by her forthright answer.

  3. jakeho Says:

    M. Davey, it was certainly nothing personal as to Ann. Rather, it merely pointed out that one of the fun factors of F&F is its usual celebration of the gaffes of its guests rather than a suppression of them (as its rivals are wont to do). If it had been Kirsten Powers, it would have also been delightful to listen in on the open mike.

    Speaking of which, Al, in my view, Clayton appeared to be facetious in his reassurance to Ann. When she asked, “There was no volume, though, right,” Clayton seemed less than serious when he replied, “Right. No, we couldn’t hear anything you were saying.” After his response, he and Ann laughed in unison as if to imply “Yeah, right!”

  4. Al Says:

    Clayton Morris pretty much always appears to be facetious. It was a fun interaction to watch and quite typical of F&F’s style of banter.

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