Bare Barista Titillates Gretchen

Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson got titillated today over a topless waiter at the newly opened Grand View Topless Cafe in Vassalboro, Maine. As she began to read the story of the newly opened cafe and footage of the shirtless young man ran,  Gretch exclaimed, “Topless coffee shop? That got my attention.” She tittered and stuttered, “Th, those pecs are getting my attention.” Helping her through the story, co-host Steve Doocy cautioned, “Concentrate. Concentrate.” As she stammered through the segment, she laughed and said, “I’m get [sic] a little flustered.” Doocy replied, “No kidding!”

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One Response to “Bare Barista Titillates Gretchen”

  1. Madelynne Carr Says:

    HMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shirtless men and bare-breasted women just to sell coffee. Makes me dount the quality of the java if you have to resort to tawdry activties to make a sale. On the otherr hand, if Starbucks redduced their prices and hired topless guys and gals as barristas, may be they wouldn’t be losing business and closing stores.

    Just make sure nobody spills hot java on his or her unclad chest. What an interesting workmen’s comp claim that would be!!

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