Kiran No Prude

Yesterday American Morning co-anchor John Roberts revealed that Kiran Chetry is no fan of PDA. As a Carol Costello segment showing kissing couples concluded, Roberts kidded, “Kiran’s going ‘ow’ (with finger toward mouth as if to indicate nausea), the people kissing in public, she can’t stand it!” Kiran ask, “Is that terrible?” After correspondent Carol Costello animatedly answered, “Yes,” Kiran commented, “I don’t like seeing people ‘suck face’ in public.” Then pointing to Roberts, she added, “He says it’s ’cause I have a deep-rooted insecurity about kissing: It’s not that.”

Roberts interjected, “They weren’t ‘sucking face’: they were kissing, a public display of affection. It’s nice: it’s endearing.” Shaking her head no, Kiran continued, “Carol, you know you don’t want to see people making out in public: You know you don’t!” Looking incredulous, Carol riposted, “Well, kissing is fine. Kiran, you’re a prude!”

Not wanting to leave that accusation unchallenged as the program ended, Kiran replied, “No” and teased, “If you heard the rest of the conversation, you wouldn’t think I was a prude.”

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5 Responses to “Kiran No Prude”

  1. Kep Says:

    Oh, believe me, Kiran Chetry is no prude. As a matter of fact, I don’t think there is much that she would find unacceptable or offensive, unless is has to do with good old fashioned Christian values. Now, I think she may have a problem with stuff like that. She has no class.

  2. Nor Says:

    I like Kiran. She seems classy to me.

  3. lesskiran Says:

    classless and clueless………….she needs to go!

  4. Kerry Says:

    Robert’s response is not surprising. He doesn’t seem to get not all women want to be a public display. It might not be endearing at all. He is wearing his desparation on his sleeve

  5. Tom B. Says:

    CNN has no clue. Not many people want to tune into a morning program to hear some phony jerk doing his phony jerk 1975 anchorman voice. Especially at high decibels. That’s exactly what American Morning is. Kiran is fine but J.D. must go! The stereotypical gray-haired experienced male with a cute and perky female for a newscast sucks! Find somebody else for Kiran!

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