Aly’s Motor Revved

Daytona 500 winner Matt Kenseth got Fox & Friends co-anchor Aly’s motor running and revved this morning. After F&F co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy queried Kenseth about his car, the race, etc., in her second question, Aly inquired, “Matt, let’s talk about your personal life: Are you single?” When a blushing, grinning Kenseth responded, “No,” Aly replied, “Oh, you’re not? Okay, next question.” Brian interjected, “Neither are you, Alisyn.” Chuckling, Steve added, “How dare you!”

As the segment concluded, smiling at Aly, Brian queried, “What do you really know about him?” An abashed Aly responded, “Not much but I did find him very charming. Brian retorted, “Obviously.” Salaciously, Steve asked, “How long has your husband been out of town.” Gamely, Aly laughed, “He’ll be home soon.” Steve riposted, “Not soon enough.”

2 Responses to “Aly’s Motor Revved”

  1. Al Says:

    It’s exactly that kind of banter that makes F&F more enjoyable to watch in the mornings than GMA or “Today”, and she has the on-air personality to pull off a little light flirtation. The exchange wouldn’t have been nearly as funny without her two co-hosts being right there to give her grief over it.

  2. lesskiran Says:

    what a sleaze ball she is………….why is she interviewing Matt when she knows nothing about him or racing for that matter. Stupid female teleprompter reader!

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