Romantic Dave: Family Affair

Fox & Friends Dave Briggs’ thoughts turned to his beloved this Valentine’s Day as he remembered their first dance. While F&F opened its second hour B Block to “One More Day”* by Diamond Rio, Dave Briggs remarked, “This is her song: This is it, my first dance with my wife [Brandi].” Co-anchor Alisyn Camerota asked, “At you wedding?” Not responding, he added, “One More Day” from Diamond Rio: good tune!” [Readers, to answer Aly’s question, it was: In the Dancing Dude** segment, Dave told Cheryl Burke of Dancing with the Stars that he had not danced before his lesson except with his wife at their wedding.]

Not surprisingly, Co-host Clayton Morris sarcastically responded, “Oh, how sweet!” Not wanting to appear too romantic, Dave goofily smiled, looked to the heavens, and put his right forefinger to his lips. Aly jokingly observed, “He’s transported.”

Actually, he probably was: Sports guy Dave does seem to be a romantic at heart and a loving hubby and a devoted dad. E.g., when he felt a few months ago that Carpe Diem had wrongly accused him of making a chauvinistic comment about his wife, he sent the author two missives indicating his great love for her and assuring him that she could “do whatever/whenever she so chooses.”*** Today Dave tenderly held his daughter Emerson in his arms as he did a “Family Affair” Valentine’s Day segment. Not to mention that he looks at pictures of Brandi and their two children during F&F breaks to make him happy according to Aly.

As F&F contributor Karl Rove later jested, Dave’s “a very sensitive guy.” Not bad, Dave. Not bad at all.

Helpful hint, Dave: You may want to say “our song” next time.



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