O’Reilly: Appalachian Children Hopeless

Bill O’Reilly, “champion” of children, dismissed Kentucky’s Appalachian children as “hopeless” last night on his “O’Reilly Factor.” Before his interview with Diane Sawyer on her ABC special, “A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains” on the need to help these impoverished children, O’Reilly,  opined, “There’s really nothing we can do about it.”

After Diane Sawyer compassionately spoke of the moral imperative to aid these economically challenged children (born generally of white mountaineers) through the information economy, O’Reilly, citing his former volunteer work in the area, replied, “Their parents are screwed up….Their parents are drunks….There’s a lot of meth; [and] there’s a lot of irresponsibility.” He added, “I don’t want to sound hopeless about it but I think it is hopeless.” In a green Gore moment, he moralized, “I don’t want to rebuild the infrastructure of Appalachia. I want to leave it pristine: It’s beautiful.”

Perhaps, in the “No Spin Zone,” all children are not created equal.

*O’Reilly Factor (02/13/09) – 8:24 p.m. ET

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16 Responses to “O’Reilly: Appalachian Children Hopeless”

  1. ecobilly Says:

    As if I needed another reason to hate Fox News and O’Reilly.

    This is what all those special documentaries about Appalachia really do for us. They make everyone think we’re hopeless. They make everyone think we’re all like the stories they choose to highlight. Why would they want to help a bunch of hopeless meth addicts? We won’t help ourselves. But the truth is, we’ve been systematically stripped of the tools to help ourselves. By people like than damn Bill O’Reilly.

    But really, I’m not surprised to hear all this from him. Not at all.

  2. jenny Says:

    The reason O’reilly insulted the appalachia children is because those counties in the Sawyer piece are from democrate voteres… most think that they are repubilicans.. but most of the poor and coal miners are democrats… i would bet money O’Reilly would never insult children from republican areas… fox news and o’reilly make me sick..fox news is evil

  3. hgb3 Says:

    Bill O’Reilly: “Mr. Smith, allow me to present my calling card; it says: ‘Bill O’Reilly, Looking Out for You, No Spin Allowed, FOX News, New York, N.Y.'”

    Snuffy Smith: “Well, now, Mr. O’Reilly, allow me to present my calling card; It says: ‘GIT!'”

    No spin allowed; none taken.

  4. People Power Granny Says:

    I watched Diane Sawyer’s story about the poor kids of Appalachia Friday night. The more I think of it, the madder I get. All of the old stereotypes of Appalachians were brought up, and the entire program became one more example of exploiting the people there. Read my review of the program at peoplepowergranny.blogspot.com, and vote in my poll on what you think of when you think Appalachia.

  5. Piperfromtn Says:

    As a teacher in public schools in Appalachia, I take exception to the stereotypes of people here.

    Give us a break, Mr. O Reilly! We just now found out what shoes are for. They are used on our feet as protection from all the meth fumes. It’s not like we didn’t know that, Mr. Smartypants!

  6. Piperfromtn Says:

    Sorry, I had to go relieve myself. It’s all this beer I’ve been drinking this morning.

    What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, O Reilly. Wonder if he likes Jack Daniels?

    I’ll be right back; gotta go again…

  7. jakeho Says:

    Piperfromtn, humorous satirical response to O’Reilly. Unfortunately, Appalachians are still one of the few remaining demographics that are politically correct targets.

  8. Mike the impoverished Says:

    I used to like O’Reilly, but I guess that was just my stupid drunk appalachian side.

  9. Juli Says:

    Hey Bill,
    Tell that to all the working men and women that take care of their children here in the mountains! The drug users are the minority Not the majority! Mrs.Sawyers show did one thing, make us look like a bunch of uneducated idiots. Quite the contrary! We are educated, decent,church going folks that value our children, our neighbors and our community.
    That joke of a program showed the worst of the worst, yes we could fair better with more jobs, competition in supermarkets and gas stations but guess what, while we watch Our America struggle in this economy we are not doing so bad, BECAUSE WE WORK! We take care of our families.
    I was born here, I am however city raised and I moved back here to get my chilldren away from the blight,crime and ugliness of the big city. We can go to the grocery store without hearing fowl language, being approached by drug pushers and I dont have to worry about my neighbor the “early released pedifile next door”. You say you did voluteer work here? Glad you didnt try to help me with that ugly attitude of yours.

  10. Janet Says:

    I was stunned by both of these reporters. What pompous, self-absorbed people. I have always like Bill O’Reilly, but sitting there listening to him insult me and my entire family that way took my breath away. Especially because I’ve been rather proud of my heritage. It made me strong and smart. I taught myself to read when I was 4 – I actually remember doing it. And I’ve taught myself just about everything I know over the course of my life. My grandparents taught me to do that. My grandmother ran a farm, and she always had complete charge of every element of it. I thought I grew up with a role model of a woman who was the CEO of her own business.

    Putting my outrage aside, Bill’s comments reflect the way people used to think about slaves and then freed slaves, and then black citizens in general. They felt that blacks could never be taught to raise themselves up. The very fact that anyone is still capable of that type of thinking about any group of homo sapiens makes you question that person’s underlying system of logic. That is why I don’t care to listen to him any longer – not because he was insulting – but because now I know he’s not a clear thinker. There is simply no reason for me to treat his view as a resource in developing my own thoughts.

  11. Piperfromtn Says:

    Juli-I concur. Mountain folk are good people. However, we hear much fowl language in our store: dove, duck, quail and even covey. And as to that pedophile next door, we mountain folk simply watch out and give him much needed medicine: lead injection!

  12. Agnes Says:

    This is America!

    I was bourn in another country.. socialist country.. more or less everybody was even..

    But this is America. As the doctor said some live worse then in India.
    I did not see the show.. and maybe O’Reilly talked about very dire cases and circumstances.. and he expressed himself very negatively..
    This is America and this country should not be giving up on any of its children.
    If this country has money .. and power.. to dictate politics, fund wars, and many donations to the world… then it should have money to invest in life and children in Appalachia.

    I can imagine that life is hard,, and odds are even worse when parents are using drugs.. and there is not alot of jobs… but imo the government has the responsibility that children have a fair chance, for education and for health insurance and care..
    Even has the responsibility to provide for jobs.. and stimulate the economy there..

    You just dont leave and abandon.. part of your country and your citizens..

    Well that is how i see it.
    Society should be mindfull of all. And government has even more responsibility as it should represent the whole country and all citizens.. which in the end they also Tax.. whether the taxpayers have the money or not at the time..

    Wall street gets bailout.. after they stole all the money..
    and billions are printed over and over..
    no questions asked.. and no accounting to the taxpayers of this country..

    During these years of war.. the companies that got the contracts.. specialy one connected to chenney.. overcharged into millions

    Do we really think that government could not do anything for this region?
    And has no responsibility to these people and children?

    And good thing i have seen the thing on mountain dew. ..
    I will never ever buy it again.. imo it was shamefull how they responded.. but again..
    if people started posting utube on mountain dew and stoped buying it.. then they would apologise..
    Just another corportation.

  13. Debbie Says:

    I live in Hazard Kentucky,(yes we have computers).And I can tell you right now that show was a mockery of what we are here in Kentucky. Sure we have drug abuse problems as does every state.By the way Miss Sawyer and Mr. Bull Almighty most of them are brought in here from other states like Florida. Yes we have a few who would not run if a bull was ramming them in the butt,as do all States ,but guess what Miss Sawyer you got played by a few who would rather live like that than help themselves.I wonder if you gave them a few bucks to let you film them so they could go by drugs? Those people are a shame to the vast majority of decent people here.By the way the prescription drug abuse is caused by well educated people ,Doctors.. most from other states and countries.As far as I am concerned Miss Sawyer can keep her computers most of us already have one. Maybe she can give them to one of Bull Almighty`s favotite charities.Maybe some of the workers for Fox news would like them to take home to their children ,because after many more segments like this their parents might be out of work. how about everyone from poor ole Appalachia boycotting Fox news (if you can call it news) and ABC………….

  14. kygal Says:

    I am very disgruntled that Miss Sawyer would go to her home state and exploit it like she did . Ky is by no means an oddity when it comes to poor people and drugs . I`ve done alot of traveling over the years and I`ve seen it in every state I have been in . Miss Sawyer and Mr. Bully O`Reilly should come and look at most of the schools we have here , they rival any I`ve seen anywhere .Yes there are a few here who do not try to do better , just like the slums have in big cities . Although I don`t know of anyone it the worst parts of our state who live in cardboard boxes . I personally don`t know anyone who does`nt have a computer if they want one .
    Some of the people in Miss Sawyers special who had no teeth had gotten them pulled for the pain meds that could get . Yes it`s true they do such things , a dentist that would pull someone`s perfectly good teeth for a few bucks should lose his license , he knows what they are after. Some of a very small minority are hopless , just like in all the other 49 states . For Bully O`Reilly to classify all of Appalachia as hopeless , just sickens me . I`d like to invite Mr. O`Reilly to come look at some of the homes and schools here . He mentions Berea ,Ky which happens to be a college town , yes they are a few run down homes there but why did`nt he mention some of the stately mansions there also . Ky is not one of the richest states in the union , but most the people here are some of the proudest and most patriotic in the nation .
    O`Reilly lives in New York . I guess there`s no slums , homeless people or drugs there in that pristine city , wish he`d take his camera crew and shoot some footage there . Take it from me , the worst in appalachia would look good compared to some of the places you see there . Is New York hopeless Mr. O`Reilly?

  15. Joseph Says:

    Don’t forget that this is coming from a man that once referred to a young boy that was kidnapped and held captive for 2 years and forced by his abductor to have sex, as he probably enjoyed it because he was away from home and school etc. ( I’m paraphrasing)

    So anything from B O’s mouth should go in one ear and out your butt

  16. Ray Says:

    Let me teel you a piece of my mind. For one thing, if you do think that a southern accent has somethin to dowith this then your stupid. Havin a somethin accent is ok. Ive got a question for people like you but first thing first. In this case your wastin your time and the qustion is what makes you think that your goanna change us here in the mountains on the way that we live and the way that we talk. Your an idiot. Plus, we have some really great schools here and they are the best i have ever seen far as Im conserned. Plus I am a redneck and there aint nothin that is ever goanna change that. Not you or anybody else that want to try garbige like this. YOUR WASTIN YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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