Roberts Shields Specter From AM Viewers

Co-anchor John Roberts gave American Morning’s egis to embattled stimulus backer Republican Senator Arlen Specter of PA when he queried Specter about his heated exchange with Laura Ingraham. Before getting Specter’s comment on it, Roberts played the audio tape of the edited exchange which was as follows:*

Ingraham: Is it nice to be wine and dined at the White House, right? And you’re treated pretty well when you’re a Republican bucking other Republicans, right, Senator? That’s fun.

Specter: Now let’s get off it, Laura. I’m not drinking any wine at the White House and I don’t dine at the White House. If the President wants to talk to me, I talk to him and I make my own independent judgment.

However, the part omitted by Roberts was Specter’s snipe, “Don’t give me the wine and dine baloney, young lady,” which immediately followed, supra, “and I make my own independent judgment.” By redacting Specter’s chauvinistic swipe, Roberts shielded Specter’s feminist image from viewers’ ire. Would he have given a wayward Democrat voting for a Bush bill such a free pass? Or would he have called him rightly on it?

 CNN is not well served when AM’s audience does not receive the full account.

*AM – 8:35 a.m. ET

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3 Responses to “Roberts Shields Specter From AM Viewers”

  1. Kep Says:

    This is standard practice at CNN. They are always omitting important parts of transcripts in order to make the liberals look good. American Morning is pushing Obama’s fraud stimulus plan like crazy. I wonder if most people know that the tax breaks for 95% of Americans, the big issue that Obama campaigned on, is going to amount to $13.00 a week more in our paychecks, and then this amount will go down to $8.00 a week come January. So, this is the tax relief he campaigned on for 95% of us? Wow, $13.00 more a week. That will really get this economy chugging right along. Would the American public have voted for him had they known that this tax break would amount to just $50.00 more a month? Is CNN telling the viewers about this?

  2. Al Says:

    I’ve seen similar examples of this many times over the years with CNN and other networks. It’s often more what they don’t say that slants their presentation and, because this is so easy to defend, I have to believe it’s done on purpose.

  3. Kerry Says:

    Roberts used to date Ingraham. Oops! That’s another one from his married years.

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