E.D.: Fox No More

E.D. Hill, former FNC fox and author of “I’m Not Your Friend, I’m Your Parent,” announced today that she left Fox News one week ago. In a book interview on Today’s Issues (an American Family Radio program), the erstwhile co-host of Fox & Friends and anchor of Fox News Live and America’s Pulse further revealed that she has resumed her masters degree pursuit. The brassy Texas beauty exhibited no ill will toward her former employer even though her contract was not renewed (after she, seemingly, fell from FNC Programming SVP Bill Shine’s grace after her infamous Barack/Michelle “terrorist fist bump” quip).





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4 Responses to “E.D.: Fox No More”

  1. M. Davey Says:

    I fell very sorry that E.D. is no longer a part of the Fox team. I’ve heard other people call it a “terrorist fist-jab, or fist-bump”, but I fear Fox is just getting a little too edgy and politically correct. I know it’s right to rise above the comments the Democrats made against the Republicans and not act like they did, but to fire someone over something like that seems a little unfair.
    I rather think they used that as an excuse to let her go because she was getting a little bit older. I’m also a little sorry about that.

  2. Mother Says:

    Thanks, J, for the good write-up on E.D. I, too, listened to her interview on Today’s Issues and really appreciate her desire to raise her children in the right way. We need more young women like her!

  3. Al Says:

    Perhaps it’s simply that FNC isn’t concerned about keeping its website up to date, but E.D. Hill’s bio hasn’t been removed yet. Kiran Chetry’s and Laurie Dhue’s bios were taken off on the day they left.

  4. brian conway Says:

    ED Hill was the best that Fox ever had. She brought that show to the number 1 cable morning program. Very many people miss her. She was treated shabbily.

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