Briggs: Brian Welcher

Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade is a welcher according to his F&F Weekend colleague Dave Briggs. He would get little argument from Gretchen Carlson, F&F co-host, who often accuses Brian of not paying off his wagers, except she is the beneficiary of Brian’s shenanigans today. After an interview with PA Gov Ed Rendell in a segue to the F&FW co-hosts, Brian got Rendell to sign an “executive memorandum” absolving Brian and Gretch of their bet debt to F&FW co-host Clayton Morris. (Over three weeks ago, Brian and Gretch promised to sing the Eagle war anthem while wearing Eagle jerseys if their Giants lost to the Eagles.)

As the segment concluded, Clayton commented, “I’m throwing in the terrible towel, governor. I knew Brian was up to something.” Then Dave aptly added, “This is why you can never make a bet with Kilmeade: He’s going to find a way to welch no matter what the bet.”

Later as the show ended, Clayton told Brian that there were many Twitterists responding to ” you squirreling your way out of the Eagles fight song cheer.” Echoing them, he asked, “How in the world does an executive order from Governor Rendell of Pennsylania impact two residents of New York City, you and Gretchen.” Brian facetiously responded, “It’s too complicated to get into at this short notice but it really stands: We can’t do anything about it.”

Once again, Brian, “shut up and sing.”

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4 Responses to “Briggs: Brian Welcher”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    So Kilmeade is a Welcher, eh? Welching on a bet is as bad as being an Indian giver and akin to running a Chinese fire drill!

    Well, as to all 3, it’s a Mexican standoff, I guess.

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