“Ricky” Reichmuth

FNC meteorologist Rick Reichmuth was playfully dubbed “Ricky” by America’s Newsroom co-anchor Bill Hemmer as Bill introduced the final weather segment today. However, when Reichmuth ended his forecast, Bill apologized, “Thanks, Rick. I didn’t mean to call you Ricky, by the way: I’m sure someone in your family calls you “Ricky.”

Unfazed, Rick responded, “Oh, everybody in my family does.” A relieved Bill replied, “Do they? That’s a term of endearment then.” Playfully roiling the waters, Megyn interjected, “Oh, now you’ve made it stick!” Ever the good guy, Bill congenially concluded, “See you, Brother: Have a good weekend.”

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2 Responses to ““Ricky” Reichmuth”

  1. Tom B. Says:

    Shep has referred to Rick Levanthal as “Tricky Ricky” numerous times. All in all, I don’t think Rick likes it. But Shep is the man.

  2. Jane Almond Says:

    Rick, can I go to Daytona with you next year?????

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