Randy Rush: Bikinis 4 Gretch

Today talk radio rex Rush Limbaugh had his eyes on the buxom blonde in the middle on Fox & Friends’ curvy couch. Before his two-block interview by Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade began, Rush said, “Gretchen, you look great this morning, by the way.” The usual compliment.

However, when the final segment concluded, the conservative commentator declared, “We’ll keep the pool ready for this show Monday morning.” Gretch replied, “Alright, I look forward to it.” He randily added, “Bikinis for Gretchen.”

Gretchen chuckled, put her finger to her lips, and shushed Rush. Grinning broadly, Brian interjected, “See that was in the break, Rush, we were talking about.” Rush exclaimed, “Sometimes, the most interesting parts of the show!” Lowering her head, a somewhat abashed Gretchen replied, “[Rush], thanks for spicing it up.”

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One Response to “Randy Rush: Bikinis 4 Gretch”

  1. Tom B. Says:

    Will Peter Paul Ruben be there on Monday to capture the moment? ;)

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