Kiran Covers Up

After days of completely covering up at the inaugural in a frigid D.C., American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry hasn’t quite shaken her habit back in New York. Upon her return yesterday, Kiran wore a sexy plum top partially open but cooled the AM airwaves after only thirty minutes when she buttoned it more snugly in the heated studio of CNN. However, today the Nepalese beauty seemed to venture somewhat back into her element as she flaunted a figure-fitting, lower-cut red midi and sexy knee-high black boots on camera: nevertheless,  off screen, she still couldn’t resist plunging her feet into her comfy “Uggs” and coating her naked nails in dark red polish.

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One Response to “Kiran Covers Up”

  1. Kep Says:

    I wonder if Kiran is still in her utopian trance after being in DC to cover THE ONE? And did she get to report on today being the Anniversary of Roe V Wade? Oh, I can see her dazzling smile on that one. Chetry has always sounded like a dedicated pro-choicer, and she must be very proud of that. I mean, it all makes sense. We will not make terrorist savage killers uncomfortable while interrogating them, but we hardly bat an eyelash as human babies are sucked through tubes, limb by limb, piece by piece and then thrown into the trash. The liberal media is a joke and wouldn’t know values if they stepped in them.

    Kiran’s wardrobe? Well, let me take a guess and say that since she joined the “Planet in Peril” network, all of her clothing is made of recycled materials and hemp. We’ve got to save the planet!

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