Doocy: PETA, Investigate Soledad!

Today Steve Doocy, dog lover and Fox & Friends co-host, called for a PETA investigation of CNN reporter Soledad O’Brien’s treatment of a mastiff in two different segments. According to Doocy, the former American Morning co-anchor (and other co-op board members) signed a lease termination notice to a tenant because of his mastiff who allegedly drools, sheds, and stinks. Doocy declared, “The dog is a part of the family: She’s trying to evict a part of their family.” He added, “I have a 100 lb. dog at home: I love my dog.” Then he concluded, “I suggest that PETA do an investigation: Let’s find out what’s going on down there at Soledad O’Brien’s [place].

Later, of Soledad’s attempted eviction of the dog, Doocy opined, “Seems a little heartless to me.” He proclaimed, “I am calling for a PETA investigation into the Soledad O’Brien treatment of the neighborhood dogs: Are you with me? Reluctantly, Brian right hand and replied, “Alright, I’m with you.” Gretch, however, demurred, “I don’t know: I got to figure it out.”

Doocy, you may have a little trouble recruiting the weekend crew, too, esp. Dave.

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