A.M.: Alina Maxim

American Morning’s Alina Cho was barrenly blandished today as “resident fashionista” by AM’s Kiran Chetry. Alina is done no favors by such false flattery. Unfortunately, the comely Korean does not realize that sometimes less is more in haute couture. Not only does she wear maxis to the max, she seems to almost always be bedecked in bijouterie befitting a Brogdingnagian.

Alina, you’re a gorgeous girl! Shorten your skirts and jettison your gigantic jewelry. They only obscure your beauty and weigh you down.

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One Response to “A.M.: Alina Maxim”

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    […] And, the Nepalese goddess has not been replaced. Only Kiran’s personally dubbed “resident fashionista” Alina Cho may have come close since then: But, Ali was gone that […]

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