HuffPo “Outing” Senator Graham?

In the Huffington Post (Politics) today under the banner “Leading Gay Republican Group Going Broke,”  appears a New Hampshire Election 2008 photo of Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) flanked by Log Cabin Republican’s president Patrick Sammon and a LCR member.* Instead of utilizing a more recent picture of the LCR’s president Sammon, it used an approximately one year old pic of him and the single senator together. (According to the LCR web site, the pic was posted there on January 9, 2008.) Is HuffPo somewhat subtly “outing” the South Carolina Republican Senator Graham?

Even though Graham has long been the subject of rumors that he is gay, he asserted to GQ in 2006 that he is not gay but rather merely a loner.**

*@4.45 p.m. ET –



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