Mike & Juliet: On Tap 4 F&F?

In less than six months, Fox News could deepen its talent pool with the addition of Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy, the fun and fervid duo of their recently cancelled eponymous morning talk show on FOX. According to Twentieth Television’s prez and coo Bob Cook, The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet will not be renewed: Production of new shows will continue through June 2009 and the program will leave the air in the fall.

Even though the cast of Fox & Friends appears to have  been established and F&F Weekend seems to have regained its zest (with the return of the sexy, saucy veteran Alisyn Camerota), both weekday and weekend shows could well use experienced, talented, and confident fill-ins. As former F&FW co-hosts, Mike and Juliet have proved their abilities to not only fit the bill but add a zany spontaneity that seems to sometimes be missing on the current versions of the programs.

Hopefully, welcome back, M&J!


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12 Responses to “Mike & Juliet: On Tap 4 F&F?”

  1. Boogiewoogee Says:

    We know that Mike and Juliet are popular around here, but we find them sleazy and smarmy. Blech.

  2. Tom B. Says:

    If I’m in the mood to watch a couple of puerile morons, I’ll pop in a DVD of Beavis and Butthead or Dumb and Dumber. That Jerrick guy is a sleazy creep. He has a face that’s beggin’ to be punched and an arse that’s beggin’ to be kicked. Juliet may want to mix in a decent meal at least once of week. Just my $.02.

  3. malone Says:

    The M&J show was unwatchable, as was their version of Dayside, which had been a very good and intelligent show when Linda Vester hosted it.
    M&J have no ability to handle any real news or serious interviews. It would be like Regis & Kelly trying to anchor the evening news.
    FNC should let them both pursue other opportunities rather than drag down FNC’s credibility.

  4. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Our fear is that M&J will return to Fox News, only to replace Aly and Dave, so that F&FW will feature a lineup of Mike, Juliet & Claytoon.

  5. da Says:

    Oh, puleeeeze! Juliet Huddy needs to retire to her penthouse and buy cute little outfits on line! She is more of an airhead than Courtney Freil! There is a reason their show was cancelled. My understanding is her family owns a radio station. Maybe she should take her silver spoon and run for Senate!

  6. M. Davey Says:

    Well, now! I remember a while back when Courtney, and the others started, that a lot of people were saying they’d like Juliet back. No mention of Mike I don’t believe. Anyway, radio shows are hard to get ratings I think and Juliet ws made for tv.
    I would like to see them back on weekends, and I suspect Alisyn would like some time off. And..Clayton is way less annoying than he used to be and has been funny sometimes. The others are all stiff around him because I guess they’ve been told to rein him in and they don’t know when he might “act up”.
    I just got back from a cruise and got Fox on board and was very happy about that. Started and ended my day just right.

  7. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Do people even watch any news channels anymore?? I sure the heck don’t … I gave up in October …

    I saw a tiny snippet of the show from last weekend (or the weekend before) and Clayton should’ve been canned a long time ago …

    I’d consider watching the show again IF they permanently banned Clayton, Courtney, Ainsley and any left wing goober …

    Most importantly … They need to STOP talking about obama … Enough already … He hasn’t even had the coronation yet and I already start to vomit in my mouth when I hear his name / see his ugly mug / hear his skanky voice …

  8. Boogiewoogee Says:

    M. Davey, perhaps people were pining for Juliet during the darks days of Courtney because Courtney was so horrifically bad in the center seat.

    Claytoon is always annoying, like one morning last week (when some bonehead had him sub in during the week) when he was literally cheering a news headline about how Obama is supposedly going to have some sort of talks with Hamas. He needs to be sent to Gaza – head first.

  9. Laura C Says:

    This guy if you can call him that, is just plain disgusting! I have caught him talking poorly about other Fox talent and employees many times. I am not the only person who has heard him. He gives me the creeps. He is always saying mean things about his Co-Host. I wonder if she knows what he really thinks of her. He thinks that he knows better than the producers and anyone involved with the show. Wonder why Juliet claims that she has allergies when it is obvious what the real problem is..sniff sniff! How is it that two untalented, creepy, unattractive jerks have stayed on for so long. Oh please do not them ruin F&F. Let them ruin another network! Enough is Enough!

  10. Frank G. Says:

    Camerota doesn’t do anything for me. The other women are better at what they do. M&J were a good switch from the View at ABC.

  11. Cathy R. Says:

    Please, enough already of the likes of Juliette Huddy and that guy Mike Jerrick. Surely FOX can do better than this. Who’s paying whom to do what???????

  12. kathy Says:

    i loved the show it was pure fun and when you get up the news is so upsetting why can’t we have loveable people on for a change? the person who took there spot is horrible! she is very much a apin to listen to with her voice and her boobs hanging out! gross!!!!!!!

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