A.M.: Sex & the View

What happened this a.m. on American Morning? As a male, I felt like I was watching the View or Sex and the City. Sure, there is that one luscious lady but did I really want to stick around through the whole show. (I did.)

If you did not see AM today, it was anchored by Kiran Chetry and guest host Carol Costello. Kiran looked quite feminine in her modestly opened buttoned-down purple top tempered with a charcoal above-the-knee skirt and closed-toe black heels: However, Carol looked less so attired in a nana’s “Liz Claiborne” mid-knee black dress with stockings and black heels. Attending the femmefest also were conservatively attired business correspondent Christine Romans and fashion lady Lola Ogunnaike. Poor weatherguy Rob Marciano seemed like a lad more than a bit out of his element.

Janelle, all girl is good. However, no need to limit AM entree to the estrogen-laden. Please remember your male viewers as well.

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One Response to “A.M.: Sex & the View”

  1. Kep Says:

    You mean that both Costello and Chetry were on at the same time? The two Obama loving, pro-choice toting, conservative hating feminist yappers must have had some real fun today. Liberal men are bad enough, but the women take the cake! Did they talk about The One and tell of how they start feeling all mushy inside at the mere mention of his name?

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