CNN Colder: Eccleston, De La Cruz Out

Sorry, Rush Limbaugh crew and People’s Sexiest Weatherman, CNN just got colder! According to TVNewser, hotties Jennifer Eccleston and Veronica De La Cruz have left the cable news channel.  Jennifer, the blonde beauty and Limbaugh crew fave (while at FNC) actually departed CNN in August.  Veronica, Rob Marciano’s rumored squeeze and American Morning webgirl, has left the building, too.

Brrrrr! Turn up the heat, Kiran!

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4 Responses to “CNN Colder: Eccleston, De La Cruz Out”

  1. Brendon Says:

    It’s Veronica De La Cruz.

  2. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, Brendon. The hypothermia must have already set in.

  3. reader Says:

    did CNN left jennifer eccleston?

    or did jennifer eccleston left CNN?

  4. John Says:

    I hear she left because her baby daughter had some medical issues… And, CNN wasn’t very flexible with her new role as war correspondent with baby.

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