Megyn: My Boy Lie Different

Yesterday America’s Newsroom co-host Megyn Kelly regaled an attentive Bill Hemmer about getting caught in a lie as a teen. During a segment on “Cheating Teens,” Megyn recalled how she had prevaricated to her mom during her teenage years and got caught. She explained that it was a boy fib.

Megyn revealed how that she and a teen friend, “Sweet Kelly,” wanted to drive out to see two boys on Long Island. She asked her mother if she could and her mom declared, “You’re not doing it.” Megyn said, “So we lied.”

Instead she told her mom that she was going to the Saratoga track but took off to see the guys. After doing so and while on her way home late, she called to lay the basis for a second lie. Her mom asked, “How was the track today?” Megyn responded, “It was great: We won big.” Her mom answered, “The track’s closed on Tuesdays.”

Hemmer interjected, “Busted.” Megyn acknowleged, “Busted; told a stupid lie; got caught.” Megyn concluded, “My point is the teenage years are tough for most children and their parents.” Rationalizing her own behavior, Megyn explained, “I think it’s different when you lie to see a boy.”

Smart, sharp, and saucy.

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