Gretch’s Ox Gored Again

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson is loyal to her family. And that’s a good thing. However, Gretch’s journalistic credibility seems somewhat strained when discussing the bailout of the Big 3 Automakers and the Citigroup bailout’s ramifications as to baseball players.

Most F&F viewers know that Gretch’s family are big Minnesota car dealership owners (Main Motors of Anoka since 1919) so her passionate defense of dealers and the need for a Detroit handout is understandable albeit tiresome. However, less well-known is that her hubby is CAA’s Casey Close, Forbes #5 Baseball’s Best Baseball Agent.

Today when discussing Citigroup’s bailout and the taxpayers’ consequent subsidization of Citigroup’s $400 million purchase of the name rights to the Mets new stadium, Steve Doocy suggested that maybe the Mets could play a free game as a token of thanks to the taxpayers. An amused Gretch said, “More on that later as to whether or not the players would do that” and then chuckled. Then Brian Kilmeade and Steve discussed a free Bailout Bowl between possibly the Mets and the Yankees. A pained Gretch asked, “But wait a minute! Why should the players have to play games because Citigroup screwed up?” Somewhat exasperated, Steve patiently explained, “Because their organization is winding up with half a billion bucks.” Gretch responded, “Oh.” Brian chided, “It’s called charity, Gretchen.”

Another ox gored, Gretch?

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One Response to “Gretch’s Ox Gored Again”

  1. Rihcard Russell Says:

    The car mfg are dinosaurs who need to become extinct if they cannot compete. That is the way of free enterprise. Look around at the companies that have come and gone. All for the very reason their time had passed or they became too antiquated to operate effeciently and profitably.
    I believe in buying American in everything I can, but it is time for Detroit to face the music – cars can be built profitably in Tennessee and Alabama, not in Michigan. Why, if the big three cannot figure it out, they need to file for reorganization and either come back successfully or go the way of dinosaurs.
    We should not save every country and every business. If we do, who will save us in the end, surely not the CEO’s of the big 3 or the Presidents of Russia, Venezula, Iran or Cuba.

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