Roberts’ AM Noose: Too Tight?

Roberts’ no-tie look: fashion or necessity? Without warning, the impeccably attired John appeared on American Morning Thursday with an open white shirt without explanation or comment from him, Kiran, or anyone else: Friday Roberts was similarly attired. Today Roberts took the week off after Kiran had said (perhaps, generically), ” We will see you back here on Monday.”

Is Roberts merely taking off an unannounced Thanksgiving week off? Or is he having a recurrence of neck pain that is eased without the fashion noose? Remember, Roberts broke his neck last Thanksgiving in a biking accident.

Regardless, Roberts tieless look looks good. AM needs more of a devil-may-care attitude in apparel and ambiance. In fact, the set could use it, too: the corporate desk and standing tables could be replaced with comfy chairs and/or a couch. Instead of waking up to workplace environs, the viewer would welcome coffee and a smile with well-informed friends before running the rat race.

Janelle has a stellar cast. Hopefully, she will help them shine.

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10 Responses to “Roberts’ AM Noose: Too Tight?”

  1. less Kiran Says:

    John looked great, as always! The ties are nice but Friday’s he should go without the tie, heck, even try Monday!

  2. Kep Says:

    Janelle has a “stellar cast”? Oh boy. Well, I guess if you like the sickening dose of pro-Obama material that they spew every morning, I can understand why a person would be so enthused about the lefty cast of characters.

    Kiran, John and the rest of the left wing media sickos have made fools of themselves this election cycle. Their credibility is down to absolutely nothing! But for six and seven figure salaries, who cares about journalistic ethics, morals and fairness. It’s all about the big bucks, limos, dream house, all the media attention you can grab for yourself, and most of all, let’s not forget this little factor-pushing the agenda that you believe in. I think little Johnny and Miss Kiran got all they wanted and more. They must be so proud to be representatives of the US Media.

  3. jakeho Says:

    “The agenda you believe in,” Kep? That’s a non sequitur if I’ve ever heard one. Please.

  4. Kep Says:

    When I said “the agenda you believe in”, I was referring to the anchors and reporters. I didn’t phrase it correctly. Sorry.

  5. jakeho Says:

    No prob. I appreciate your clarification.

  6. Boogiewoogee Says:

    I thought “agenda you believe in” was a spoof of the meaningless Obama chant “Change we can believe in.”

  7. Kep Says:

    Well, “agenda we believe in” and “change we can believe in” are one in the same with the Obama crowd.

    Hey, did American Morning do any stories on the Palin/Turkeygate thing, where Gov. Palin was doing an interview with a turkey slaughter taking place in the background? I can see it now-Kiran must have been having a fit like none other over what was happening to that poor turkey. She’s always so sensitive about our furry friends, yet that baby that is sucked out in several parts is simply “choice”. I can’t get over the hypocrisy of the Obama faithful. If anyone saw this story on CNN and caught Kiran’s reaction, I’d love to hear about it.

    Is John Roberts divorced? Separated? Is he taking some time off? And who was that guy filling in for John yesterday? Maybe John’s replacement? Heck, just put Rob Marciano in that chair-now there’s a guy Kiran really gets along with. So what if he doesn’t know anything about politics? As long as he pushes the “agenda”, he doesn’t have to know all that stuff. It’s the left wing belief system they are looking for, not the technical know-how, when it comes to picking news anchors these days.

  8. linda pack Says:

    Tie no tie. I don’t care. I just want John Roberts back. The great thing about CNN is how natural your commentators are. Great to wake up to. Unfortunately the commentator taking his place is a little like watching a cardboard cut out. Strange thing is, his eyes NEVER blink. His movements aren’t natural either. He needs work if he plans to be an enjoyable commentator. He also has the cadence that a lot of commentator have…none of yours however.

  9. Kerry Abrams Says:

    Roberts and his wife are getting a divorce

  10. AM Adopts F&FW’s Couch (& Shep’s Toilet!) « Carpe Diem Says:

    […] does the author. In fact, he suggested the couch about two and half years ago when Klein was in control. Bouquets, Jautz, for the welcome […]

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