Best Tease: Spa Lady Megyn

America’s Newsroom co-host Megyn Kelly, the well-toned former aerobics instructor,  shared her Mukasey moment with co-anchor Bill Hemmer and her viewers. After a segment on Attorney General Michael Mukasey’s fainting while orating at the Federalist Society, Megyn began to recount her own blackout story.

Megyn related that when she was teaching at Spa Lady, she, being a “diehard,” went back to work right after a bout of pneumonia. (A clearly beguiled Hemmer wanted pics and Megyn assured him that they did exist.) She elaborated that while working out on a platform in front of a mirror, she began to feel woozy, started “to look a lot like Mukasey,” and then fell backward into the mirror. She continued, “The next thing I knew, bam, I [sic[ was back behind me, my legs were up on the platform, and my little spandex was everywhere.” She added, “My head cracked the mirror…I was fine…[and] I was rather humiliated.”

Hemmer responded, “Wait ’til we get the pictures, folks: Stand by. That’s the best tease of the morning.” Megyn giggled and said, “Spa Lady.”

Hemmer, did you actually mean that Megyn herself is the best tease of the morning? Surely, her self-professed number one fan singer/songwriter John Mayer would agree.

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11 Responses to “Best Tease: Spa Lady Megyn”

  1. Tom B. Says:

    As much as I like Megyn, she may want to cool it on this John Mayer stuff. Kep, where are you? This is absolutely outrageous in comparison to Kiran and Alisyn. Go off!

  2. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Oh come on. Her admirer is just some rat-faced singer, not a colleague with whom she works every day. Her husband probably thinks it’s cool that this rat face has the hots for his wife.

  3. Tom B. Says:

    Well, as long as it’s a rat face. Pretty cool.

  4. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Mrs. BW doesn’t understand the appeal of that mopey-faced rat.

  5. Tom B. Says:

    BTW, Boogie, that was not sarcasm. After I read my last post I thought it could be interpreted as such. Your comment was cool.

  6. Tom B. Says:

    Mrs BW seem like a rational lady.

  7. Tom B. Says:

    seems! Dammit!

  8. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Thanks Tom. I just didn’t think that Megyn getting a kick out of some young singer (with a reputation as a caddish ladies man, despite his rat face) having a crush on her from afar is in the same league as the Nepalese Nitwit flirting with her on-air colleague.

    Mrs. BW prefers men who look and act like men. Not little boys, Definitely NOT emo boys.

  9. Tom B. Says:

    Yep, the Nitwit should put a fork in it. Consider yourself fortunate to have a real lady.

  10. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Yes indeed. And Mrs. BW considers herself lucky to have a real man, not a rat-faced, effeminate metrosexual.

  11. M. Davey Says:

    I think Megyn can be a little impish at times and serious when she needs to be. She knows her law despite not practicing. It obvious that she keeps up with it all.
    She is a professional, who sometimes has a funny story to tell, and doesn’t fawn over the male guests like the ancient Barbara Walters and almost as ancient, Joy Behar. I only see clips of them when Fox shows it, but they do fawn as much as Megan doesn’t!
    John Mayer, who cares. He needs to go back to Jennifer Aniston an plague the Enquirer some more. It is that John Mayer, isn’t it?

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