E.D. Out: Over FNC’s Hill

After over a decade on Fox News, E.D. Hill was shown the door by Bill Shine, FNC’s Senior Vice President of Programming according to TVNewser: E.D. is scheduled to depart in a few months as her contractual term ends. The attractive, opinionated towhead had a highly successful seven-year stint as co-host of FNC’s morning news show, Fox & Friends. Further, she served as anchor of America’s Pulse and guest host of the O’Reilly Factor.

However, E.D. recently has had a rough road of late. First, on September, 22, 2006, with little apparent warning, FNC celebrated its 10th anniversary by replacing her with a younger blonde, namely,  Gretchen Carlson, a former Miss America. E.D. was moved to a later FNC morning news program for a short time before she found a home at FNC’s America’s Pulse in the afternoon. There she made her infamous “terrorist fist jab” gaffe and found her show canned ten days later.

The resilient, brassy Texan beauty will no doubt land on her feet. Maybe, she could join her fellow flaxen-tressed FNC exiles, Page Hopkins and Laurie Dhue, in an edgy morning news show or, perhaps, an all-blonde Red Eye for the Straight Guy.

Good luck, E.D!








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12 Responses to “E.D. Out: Over FNC’s Hill”

  1. Paige06 Says:

    We all wish E.D. good luck. It is such a shame that she is gone from Fox s well as Page and Laurie. You know the replacements are not up to par. Gretchen Carlson can not hold a candle to E.D. Page was great on the weekends and that show has not been the same since.

  2. Al Says:

    It has to be difficult for networks to figure out how to strike a proper balance between keeping those familiar faces who people like with the need to stay ahead of their competition by constantly renewing their brand.

    FNC hasn’t been doing such a good job at this balance lately.

  3. Kep Says:

    Anyone have a guess as to where she will end up? Didn’t she used to work for ABC?

  4. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Dumbas*es at Fox …

    Throwing out yet another smart, talented & well-articulating woman … and replacing her with another dumbas* …

    Gretch is only TWO years younger then Edith …

    But, Edith is light years ahead of Wretchen when it comes to knowledge of the US and world … as well as common sense & pop culture …

    There’s soooo much stuff that Doocy & Kilmeade will talk about and Wretchen doesn’t have a bloody clue …

    It pi**es me off that FNC keeps pulling this crap …

    And the old goat (Ailes) just signed a 5 yr extension …

    WHERE is the justice ?!??!?!

  5. M. Davey Says:

    I’m just disappointed at Fox that they let Obama’s subjects to determine what is proper and what is not. They went a little crazy over that “terrorist
    fist jab” thing and don’t ever say one word about the hateful nasty things that have been said about President Bush. They have a right to talk about Bush’s policies, but not his looks, brains, etc. That’s just bullying in a grown-up world.
    E.D. got the worst of this, but in the end it will probably be Fox that will suffer. Fans don’t forget so easily.
    E.D. seemed to get along well with guests as well as co-hosts and I’m very disappointed. She is as cute as a button and looks better than some of the younger girls on Fox. It is certainly their (Fox’s) loss.

  6. Jack Brannon Says:

    It seems to me that Fox would be better off getting rid of Shine instead of E.D. Hill. She contributed so much to Fox & Friends before her move to a different show and that should have been considered before firing (non-renewal). She was the clearer thinker and did better analysis than most if not all of the others I have seen her share the spotlight with.

    To react the way Shine did to E.D.’s FIST COMMENT shows his lack of understanding and the type knee jerk reaction so many executives take without thinking it through or getting reactions from the majority of viewers instead of the few. I say, “Get rid of Shine, not E.D..”

  7. Jack Brannon Says:

    Bill Shine is listed as Manager of Programming for those that don’t know.


    Very disappointed that ED Hill is gone. Grechen is not even close to matching HILL. WHAT WAS FOX thinking, THEY SHOULD HAVE CONSULTING ME.


    Sorry, I mispelled Gretchen.

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