F&F’s New Slogan? Fan or Foe!

Any ideas? Now that the election has come and gone, Fox & Friends is looking for a new slogan. Brian Kilmeade’s introduction, “This is the official morning show of the 2008 election,” is obviously no longer relevant.

Today co-hosts Gretchen Carlson, Brian, and Steve Doocy solicited suggestions from the audience. “A Rose between Two Thorns,” “Fox and Friends: Gretch is the Fox and, I guess, Brian and Steve Are the Friends,” “Gretch, Curly, and Moe,” [or close facsimiles], etc. were offered by viewers.

What do you suggest? Fan or foe.

To start the reader off, examples are as follow:

Fan: F&F: The official morning show of informed selection.

Foe: F&F: The official morning show of Obama rejection.

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40 Responses to “F&F’s New Slogan? Fan or Foe!”

  1. Media Ho' Says:

    Fox & Friends…”The Best Damn Leg Show Period”!!

  2. Kep Says:

    Fox and Friends…Kicking American Morning’s butt big time!

  3. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Kiran, Who?

  4. Al Says:

    “Fox & Friends – The Official Post-Election Mourning Show!”

  5. Laurie Reilly Says:

    Fox and Friends
    We’ll be there for you

  6. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    “Fox & Friends – Would you really watch if we called the show “Mistakes made by Roger Ailes” ??”

  7. ColoradoCool Says:

    Let’s face it, the appeal of the show is summed up in three words, “Thighs and Guys”

  8. Vivienne Says:

    FOX and Friends—–on the sly in YOUR den

  9. Edward McDonald Says:

    Fox & Friends My Fox Fix At Six,,,I need it

    Kingstree, S.C.

  10. Sparrow Childs Says:

    Fox & Friends…Best Quick Fix of the Morning

  11. Insert Name Here Says:

    “Fox & Friends – If you don’t like the truth, you probably won’t like us either.”

  12. Jane Blackmon Says:

    Fox & Friends …” the snap, crackle and pop of morning news!

  13. Becky Gruendling Says:

    Fox and Friends the most fair and balanced in the nation, unlike the C-learly N-ot N-eutral station.

  14. Tom Canario Says:

    Fox and friends for those who can handel the truth

  15. Pat Weissinger Says:

    Fox and Friends

    The living ends.

  16. kate hadwin Says:

    Doocy,Carlson,Kilmeade how lucky these fabulous three
    They spend 3hours every morning
    With theequaklly fabulous me!!

  17. kate hadwin Says:

    oops previou was supposed to end the equally fabulous me!!!

  18. mike moffitt, eagle grove, Ia Says:

    Wake up in the morning and your body’s wrung out?
    Struggling with brain farts, arthritis, and gout?
    There’s a daily pep-up that Fox Friends will getcha.
    Watch Steve, Brian and Gretchen, Oh! Yah! You betcha!





  21. tom obrien Says:

    if your depressed and want to snooze wake up america and watch fox news

  22. Linda Dohmann Says:

    Obama, Pelosi and Reid sing “Let them eat cake”

    But Steve, Gretch and Brian serve up the real potatoes and steak!

  23. Scott Richards Says:

    Fox and Friends are here to stay even if you don’t like the things they play.

  24. Rosa Miller Says:

    my slogan:

    Wake up as the coffee brews,
    send the dogs out fetchin’,
    Turn the tv to Fox News,
    with Steve, Brian and Gretchen.

  25. agnes paduch (pronounced paduke Says:

    Fox & friends, I can’t live without,
    It’s where I get my news, fair & balanced , no doubt.
    Brian is sooo normal, his style is a treat,
    But to be perfectly honest, Bill O’Reilly can’t be beat!

  26. agnes paduch (pronounced paduke Says:

    Fox & friends, I can’t live without.
    It’s where I get my news, fair & balanced, no doubt.
    Brian is sooo normal, his style is a treat,
    But to be perfectly honest, Bill O’Reilly can’t be beat!

  27. John Says:

    Blue is the sky,
    Green is the grass.
    Fox is fair and balanced —
    MY ASS!!!

  28. Ruth Larsen Says:

    Slogan for Sunday:
    I must wake up early to read my Sunday Papers,
    So I won’t mix Fox and Friends amusing capers.

    Ruth, Morningside, MD. Suburb of Washington, D.C.

  29. Sam Bierstock Says:

    Stimulating opinions by guests on Fox and Friends
    We’d love for you to hear them, so we’ve made interupting end

    I wish !
    I have sat through endless interviews where hosts allow a rude guest to make it impossible to hear points that others are making – it all comes through as a cacophony of noise. If they interupt – throw them off!
    We want to hear opinions not noise. You’ll be the only show that does if you establish that rule.

  30. Bill Harting Says:

    Where does Fair and Balance come Face to Face with the whole Human Race? Tune into FOX AND FRIENDS. THATS THE PLACE!!!!

  31. R. smith Says:

    On next… “our morning GABS”……GRETCHEN, ALLISON, BRIAN, STEVE!!!!

  32. Dave Bradley Says:

    While the mainstream media is neglective…Fox and Friends remains objective

  33. art brucato jr Says:

    tune in each weekend of fox & friends,–there is allison camerata– with dave to her right,–& –clayton to her left ,–the most balanced news team–a sure bet!

  34. carla stull pignone{pin-yo-nee Says:

    When you need to hear all the messages this world sends, then sit down and relax and tune into fox and friends.

  35. Evelyn Says:

    If you want truth in the news,
    Then Fox & Friends you should choose.

  36. Ron Spooner Says:

    I watch Fox and Friends not Faux and Fiends!

  37. H.D.Peters Says:

    How about thid one. The news is fair, the hosts are smokin’ just watch Fox&Friends and I ain’t jokin.

  38. mary Says:

    Please hold on to the bar!
    You are about to embark on the roller-coaster ride known as Fox and Friends
    with Gretchin,Brian and Steve
    you’ll twist,bob and weave
    balanced and fair,no hands in the air
    hold onto your hat, the ride never ends!

  39. Mike Trechock Says:

    If you are wondering what happened while you slept through the night,
    Tune in to Fox @ Friends for an excellent insight.

    Fox @ Friends, news and entertainment on which the early riser depends.

  40. dave young Says:

    get it on with fox and friends in the morning

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