Chipper Carlson Returns

After taking off three days last week for shoulder surgery, Fox & Friends Gretchen Carlson returned as perky as ever. Apparently, not suffering from pain killer withdrawal, Gretch greeted the day with gusto and cheer. No Monday blues for F&F’s Katie Couric!

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4 Responses to “Chipper Carlson Returns”

  1. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Jake, why do you hate Gretchen so much that you have to compare her to Katie Couric? Are you still resentful that Fox didn’t fire her and give Kiran her job, as the Nepalese Nitwit demanded?

  2. Patrick Says:

    Gretchen is about as smart as a bucket of pi**, she is anal and worthless, not unlike Douc* and Kilmeade, they might be number one in the ratings but they sure are not worth a pot to pi** in.

  3. foolmenot Says:

    Monday morning, November 24, Gretchen was sharing the results of a public-opinion poll questioning public perception of the auto-maker/union “bailout” question. The results of the poll were; 48% against a bailout, 35% in favor of a bailout, and 17% having no opinion.

    Referring to those 48% who didn’t favor a bailout, Gretchen off-handedly said; “they probably don’t know anyone in the automobile business”.

    A revealing statement into the evolution of cultural psyche, indeed! If one takes a moment to think about the words she used, the context in which she spoke them and her personal background, one can only conclude that what she said was representative of pure emotion, lacking not one hint of reason or intellectual forethought.

    Gretchen is a lovely person and has previously exhibited thoughtful observations when interacting with Steve and Brian. On this day however, there was no thought; there was only a brash response reminiscent of an “emotional outburst”, and what I long ago came to grips with, was that emotion has no I.Q.; it is truly the polar opposite of reason. The Auto/union bailout is personal for Gretchen; her parents have been selling autos in Minnesota for many years.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Excellent point, Foolmenot. Dave Briggs, son-in-law of a CO auto dealer, seems to be similarly affected in that regard.

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