Sunny’s Cloudy Monday

American Morning co-anchor John Roberts rained on Sunny Hostin’s segment, entitled “Obama’s Legal Team” (AG & White House Counsel discussion), this morning. After discussing Barack Obama’s possible choices for White House Counsel, Roberts asked about the main ones other than the clear favorite Eric Holder. Robert requested, “Just quickly brief us on who [Mark C.] Alexander and [Robert] Bauer are.”

Caught off guard, Sunny rifled through her papers, looked around anxiously, and said, “Uh, sure, uh, they are, are both, I think we have a full screen here” and the immediately prior photo of the potential candidates reappeared. Behind the cover of that pic, Sunny continued, “They’re, they’re both, uh, have exceptional experience, uh, Mark Alexander, Robert Bauer, both, both attorneys.” After letting Sunny flail about a little too long for comfort, Roberts finally threw her a lifeline and mentioned Alexander and Bauer’s political experience in the Bradley campaign.

When Sunny reemerged in the final hour, no such unexpected question passed Robert’s lips. In fact, the producers elided the White House Counsel portion of the “Obama’s Legal Team” segment altogether.

Fear not, Hula Hoop Honey fans! Merely some temporary turbulence for CNN’s lovely legal eagle.

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