“Dumbas*” 2 “Smartas*”

Fox & Friends went from Geraldo Rivera’s “Dumbas*” remark Friday to Steve Doocy’s “Smartas*” comment today. As the author mentioned in an earlier entry, Geraldo called former NY guv Elliot Spitzer a “dumbas* john” Friday on F&F. When discussing wisecracks for adults in the movie Madascar II: Escape to Africa on F&F today, Steve stated, “A good smartas*, aleck remark…would be ‘Africa, where this takes place is a country, right?'”* F&F Gretchen Carlson exclaimed, “Woo! You almost said it, Buddy!” Actually, Steve did albeit in an abbreviated form with an elision of the very last “s”.

After the triumph of the Dems (the party symbolized by the donkey, i.e., a domestic ass) less than a week ago, has the ass become an acceptable animal at the cable news network thought by some to favor the elephant?

* F&F – 6:06 a.m. ET


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