FNC’s “Red” Fox Magic?

Are the red foxes of FNC seducing their viewers with science? Apparently, the FNC producers read the “red” study, took it to heart, and sent the memo to their lovelies. Less than two weeks ago, Fox News reported that the University of Rochester study indicated that a woman in red was seen as more attractive and more sexually desirable than if she were clothed in another color. In the last few days, the morning Fox foxes have made up a sea of red enough to drown their happy, hapless hes.

E.g., Friday, America’s Newsroom Megyn Kelly’s sexy short, sleeveless red dress and her fun, flirty red shoes were enough to incite a fire. Before her appearance, she had been preceded by F&F Gretchen Carlson in red and was later followed by Happening Now’s Jane Skinner similarly swathed. Today, Megan wore a reddish hue albeit not pure bright red: Her morning colleagues, Gretch (as F&F co-anchor and HN’s guest host), the Breaking News Desk’s Harris Faulkner and Foxnews.com’s Courtney Friel were clad in the color of love.

Is the viewer a “victim” of science? In the animal world, male primates are attracted by their mates who increasingly redden as they reach ovulation. In the demimonde, sirens have long displayed their red lights to lure the lonely shipman in port. In today’s more genteel society, have women been waving their same red wands in the form of clothing, shoes, and makeup? If so, it seems to be working. And no one is complaining.



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One Response to “FNC’s “Red” Fox Magic?”

  1. Media Ho' Says:

    Beware the lady in RED.
    She was the sultry temptress that betrayed John Dillinger.

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