F&F Censor Failure? Rove’s Swipe

Did Fox & Friends try unsuccessfully to censor Karl Rove’s acerbic swipe at Obama surrogate Sen. Claire McCaskill? During a presidential electoral segment with Rove after an earlier one with Caskill, F&F co-host Brian Kilmeade said, “And you just wanted to correct the record Claire McCaskill said about jobs just real quick.” Rove sniped, “First of all, I hope she [McCaskill] didn’t spit on this earpiece as she did for Sen. [sic] Romney.” As he did, the screen blinked and “as did for Sen. Romney” played again (like a temporarily stuck record) and then the rest of Romney’s remark played as usual.* In an apparent attempt to lessen the barb’s sting, Steve Doocy interjected, “He’s joking.” From this Luddite’s perspective, it appeared as if a producer tried futilely to delete Rove’s ridicule of McCaskill.

* Fox & Friends – 8:13 a.m. ET

Link: http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/1008/McCaskills_edge.html

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