Fave Halloween Honey?

Who was your fave cable morning news Halloween Honey today? If one likes traditional Rubenesque beauties, one might choose Fox & Friends’ former Miss America Gretchen Carlson dressed in her blood-red mock turtleneck sweater, black pleather mini, and black boots. However, if one prefers a more modern model look, one might opt for AM’s Kiran Chetry a/k/a Lara Croft bedecked in her black button-down blouse, a form-fitting pumpkin mini, and black knee-high boots.

“Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder?” asked Gretchen today. (She did so after a segment on a British scientific study suggesting an attractive dad equals a hot daughter.) Does anyone, e.g., Gretch’s beauty pageant judges, actually believe this inane aphorism? As in art, one may have preferences but a transcendant aesthetic aspect is a sine qua non of true beauty.

In this election cycle Halloween, feel free to cast your vote for that distaff spirit that thrills you or chills you. As they purportedly propose in Chicago, vote early and vote often. Happy Halloween!

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2 Responses to “Fave Halloween Honey?”

  1. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Has this site turned into a more literate version of RC, but without the pics?

    Why do you hate Gretchen so much, Jake? Because she wasn’t fired to make way for the Nepalese Nitwit?

    Rubenesque? Are you kidding me? If you think she’s “Rubenesque,” you must believe that the overwhelming majority of American females are complete fat pigs.

    Pleather? How on earth do you know that she wasn’t wearing a leather skirt?

  2. Tom B> Says:

    I have yet to see any national news presenter show up in the studio wearing a “mini”. Yeah, some skirts are shorter than others, but none comes close to a mini. I thought both Gretch and Kiran looked great today, as a matter of fact, I had trouble deciding witch one to watch live. BOO!

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