Coulter v. Rivera Bombs

Before the face-off between Ann Coulter and Geraldo Rivera today on Fox & Friends, Gretchen Carlson hyped it as a must-see fireworks extravaganza. However, the dueling duo’s polemic turned out to be an absolute dud. From the beginning, Geraldo did not seem to cotton to his platinum blonde debate partner as a worthy opponent: He made his points and tended to ignore Ann’s arguments.

To make matters worse, during the middle of the discussion, Steve Doocy re-positioned himself as a buffer between Geraldo and Ann and Peter Johnson, Jr., interrupted the contentious colloquy with his incessant questions to Geraldo. Only when Ann “shushed” Peter Johnson, Jr. was she able to actually engage Geraldo. Even then he soon drifted off topic and returned to his dismissive disputation.

Ann v. Geraldo: No mas!

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One Response to “Coulter v. Rivera Bombs”

  1. M. Davey Says:

    Geraldo has always been a rude buffoon. I like his show most of the time, but his laugh just makes me cringe. He has a little chuckle that says he’s just tolerating the “stupid people he has to talk to”.
    What is his problem?
    He cannot carry on a debate because he is too opinionated. Anne Coulter will debate a person’s point of view, but as you said, so aptly, Geraldo just meanders off topic into his own world of himself.
    I’ve noticed that if you bring up anything that any Hispanic has done, they were always picked on and we should give them anything they want at the expense of anyone else. Well, just wait, Geraldo, it’s coming, they will get everything they want, even a piece of your pie, perhaps the majority of it and everyone,including you, is going to start whining “no fair” instead of the mantra they’re repeating now that says, “it’s only fair to share the wealth”.

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