AM’s Halloween Ghoul

Was there a ghoul gadding about on CNN’s American Morning today? As AM was ending an aerosol can seemed to magically disappear.  At 9:00 a.m. ET when AM’s “Election Day in America” countdown registered 4 (days) 08 (hrs.) 59 (59 min.) 14 (sec.), there was a clearly visible can to Kiran Chetry’s arm screen left. In apparently the next frame with a wider angle before a second had elapsed, the can was not. A Halloween ghost swiping Kiran’s hair spray? A David Copperfield cameraman cloaking it? Or scarier yet (and, hopefully, least likely) an American Morning time delay?

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2 Responses to “AM’s Halloween Ghoul”

  1. Kep Says:

    Kiran used to have a can of hairspray on her desk sometimes when she would do news updates on Fox and Friends. I can remember the camera panning out so that a wider shot of the desk was shown, and one of the things on the desk was hairspray. I think she even mentioned it a few times. I’m sure the hairspray is even more important than ever now, because you know she wants to look gorgeous for the last few days of CNN’s Obama Victory push. What a partisan hack Kiran has become.

  2. Tom B. Says:

    It was an optical illusion. The can of hairspray was actually behind her, not to her immediate right. When the camera angle switched, her arm obscured the can.

    The more nefarious illusion, though, is that CNN claims to be playing this election coverage down the middle. LOL! AM has been all-in this week in its pro-Obama coverage. Notice the positive Obama segments. Kiran and Co. light up when talking about him, Kiran can’t help but flash that killer smile of hers while talking about him. Same with the correspondents. The McCain coverage however has been negative and subdued. No smiles at all. It has been like this the whole week. Have you noticed all the celebrity/comedian interviews this week? All have been left-leaning, pro-Obama fluff-fests. All laughter and fun when speaking of The Leader. I feel embarrassed for Kiran. Kep is correct. It’s a bit embarrassing to see the “journalist” that Kiran and her cohorts have become, or always were.

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