Megyn 2 O’Reilly: Who Cares?

On the O’Reilly Factor last night, a strong, sexy, and assertive Megyn Kelly dismissed Bill O’Reilly’s palaver the same way that she does other East Coast political panjandrums. In the “In the Crosshairs” segment concerning Megyn’s confrontational interview with Barack Obama spokesman Bill Burton (after he accused FNC, Drudge, and McCain of an alliance), an impertinent O’Reilly asked, “Are you rooting for McCain?” Megyn responded, “Who cares who I’m rooting for? It’s irrelevant.” Megyn then asserted that she had received flack from both sides for her tough interrogations of their respective spokesmen.

If one has watched Megyn interview both Bill Burton and Tucker Bounds (McCain spokesman) on America’s Newsroom, one would be hard pressed to view her as anything other than an equal opportunity abuser.

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2 Responses to “Megyn 2 O’Reilly: Who Cares?”

  1. Al Says:

    Ms Kelley appears bound and determined to get the questions answered because they need answers and because that’s what journalists are supposed to do. Whatever her political biases are, they’re trumped by her desire to report.

    Wish more reporters had her sense of fairness. She was probably a very good litigator in court. Lawyers are well trained in ignoring their own opinions in favour of their clients’.

  2. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Maybe Megyn should be down in Gitmo … pumping the detainees for answers … We already know that men in the US are scared of her … So, it would be easy peasy at Gitmo …

    Megyn probably would’ve been able to make Al Capone cry …

    I like Megyn … She’s one tough no-nonsense dame …

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