Obama: Interview Nazi?

Did Steve Doocy, Fox & Friends co-host, call Barack Obama and his campaign interview Nazis? In a “FL Anchor Grills Biden” segment with Bias author Bernard Goldberg about Channel 9 Orlando’s Barbara West’s tough interview of Dem veep nominee Senator Joe Biden, Doocy asked Goldberg, “After Barbara West…asked that really hard series of questions, the Obama camp [said]…no more interviews for you, no more soup for you, what do you think about this?”* The question seems like an obvious reference to the soup Nazi Seinfeld episode.

Over the line or right on target?

* F&F 7:10 a.m. ET

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7 Responses to “Obama: Interview Nazi?”

  1. joiei Says:

    It is obvious that Mr Doocy is being paid by the RNC to further the hate and smears that the Republican Party has become famous for since the days of the Reagan campagin. Win at any and all risk forsakeing nothing and stepping on anyone and everyone who gets in the way. It does not matter what anyone says, everything can and will be taken out of context to fit our demented message. Mr Rove knows all about this vicious tactic. One day they will wake up and realize how they got screwed by a couple of bad apples who worked for their God(reagan) and have been so missled by the accolites to a very mean and ugly style of seeing the REAL world. Hopefully the Republican party will then change from their message of hate for the world and Fox news along with it. Jesus turned the money changers from the temple, he didn’t invest in their worthless stocks.

  2. Al Says:

    Of course it was in reference to the “Soup Nazi” episode. “No more soup for you” has been a cliche’ for years now and , thanks to Jerry Seinfeld, such a reference really can’t be construed as overly derogatory.

    I think joiei should really try to be on time to the next therapy session.

  3. soozer Says:

    He even said “soup Nazi”–Seinfeld reference only. Not over the line at all.
    joiei–Sheesh. Get a grip.

  4. piperfromtn Says:

    Doocy was on target and it cracked me up. Team Obama wants to silence the opposition. The fairness doctrine that the dem’s propose wants to silence all opposition, contrary to their own words as to what the fairness doctrine is.

  5. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Over the line? Not at all. Obama/Biden continue to be given a free ride by the MSM. If all goes according to their plan, we annoint Obama as king next week. Then, enactment of the Fairness Doctrine will take away the First Amendment Rights from all of us who do not bow to the new king.

    joiei–Seriously dude, you either need to take your meds or have another shot–whichever applies.

  6. Boogiewoogee Says:

    It’s not only apt, but underestimates Team Obama and their media fanclub.

    It appears that the ONLY thing that got all those crack journalist/investigators to stop dumpster-diving in Wasilla was the opportunity to delve into Joe Wurzelbacher’s private life.

    How weird is it that the media is far more interested in investigating a private citizen who DARED to ask The Chosen One a tough question (when said Chosen One showed up in the private citizen’s neighborhood) than they are in The Chosen One’s ties to terrorists?

    Why do we know far more about Bristol Palin’s baby daddy than we do about Obama’s political sponsors and influences?

    Why are we much more informed about Sarah Palin’s wardrobe than in the time that Michelle “This is a MEAN COUNTRY” Obama worked with terrorist Bernadine Dohrn at Sidley Austin in the 1980s?

  7. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    I hate Seinfeld … but even I know what the whole “no soup for you” schtick is all about …

    IF Barry showed up in my neighborhood, I’d be one of the first to call the cops to report a “suspicious” person in the area … We don’t get his “kind” here … LOL ;-) His “kind” as in mean spirited, blithering idiots who distribute kool-aid in mass quantities …

    I remember the Fairness Doctrine in play … with the whole editorial / editorial reply crap at the end of the evening news … Though, it would allow Dan Ackroyd & Jane Curtain to bring back the whole “Jane, you ignorant sl**” routine … LOL

    joiei needs to go back to middle school to learn how to spell …

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