Dainty Dave

Self-proclaimed “princess,” Dave Briggs, co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend got dubbed “dainty” once again by Alisyn Camerota Sunday. After a Janice Dean, the “Dance Machine,” segment, Dave opined that he knew that it was fall when he had to scrape the ice from his windshield with a credit card. Aly closed her eyes, put her palm to her forehead and derisively declared, “Ah, you’re so, as Clayton [Morris] would say, dainty.” A dissed Dave replied, “Dainty?” Aly asked, “Oh, you haven’t heard that? Defensively, “I’m like MacGyver : Give me some credit here.” Aly finished, “I’m sorry.”

F&FW’s Sex-and-the-City-watching, Cosmo-sipping sports guy dainty? Aly, surely you jest.


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