“Rick Rocks”!

“Rick Rocks”! Or, at least, that’s what the young girl’s handwritten sign said at the start of the Fox & Friends metereologist’s last weather report. He asked his adoring tween fan why she had made the sign: she responded, “I made this sign because you rock!” and gave him a “duh” look and a gleaming smile.

At the end of his report, Rick interviewed a flirtatious Hooters girl promo’g the chain’s 25th anniversary. The smitten weatherman could hardly keep his eyes off the statuesque ebony beauty from Hooters. After Rick’s segue back to the F&F co-anchors Alisyn Camerota and her Doublemen, Clayton Morris affirmed, “You rock, Rick!” Dave Briggs echoed the sentiment.

Does he, ladies?

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21 Responses to ““Rick Rocks”!”

  1. Chris G Says:

    Rick has *always* rocked. He’s a pro, and an asset to FNC.

    I’m just sorry that he’s currently stuck between dumb and dumber.

  2. Paige in PA Says:

    Rick is the best. I would prefer him over the other two morons. Keep Ali bring back Page Hopkins and Kelly Wright.

  3. Rose Says:

    Too bad he is gay!

  4. jakeho Says:

    Rose, on what do you base your comment?

  5. Lee Says:

    Rose, your comment is distasteful and unwarranted.

  6. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I don’t watch the weekend show anymore, so I do miss getting to see Rick. He would be the only reason for my checking in from time to time. Don’t know whether he’s gay or not. Don’t really care. He’s very good at what he does and is the only eye candy left on the weekends now. The two morons who sit with Ali are painful to watch. Oh for the days of Greg/Page/Kelly and Rick!

  7. Chris G Says:

    To his fans, Rick’s sexual orientation is of no concern.

    He’s smart, a pro at his job, pretty quick on his feet, and has a great deal of charm and wit. That’s good enough for me.

    Personally, this “outing” has utterly no effect on my enjoyment of my weekend Rick watching. I have seen enough of Rick over the years to believe he enjoys the ladies, but, whatever. He’s still a doll.

    This sounds like the teenagers calling everything they do not like “gay”. Grow up. Who cares?


  8. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Rick most definitely rocks!!!

    Rose is just jealous of Rick’s awesomeness and wishes she could be with him …

    Lawnmower man and Toonces are jealous of Rick too …

  9. rick is GAY Says:

    he goes to my gym and hangs out with all the queens..

  10. anonymouse Says:

    @rick is GAY:

    LMAO, That is sooo true. I did think it was kinda weird that he would be that open. But good for him I guess.

  11. beebo Says:

    used to date himm….gay gay gay gay

  12. beebo Says:

    i am sure he has a glass ceiling over him at Fox…you just watch….although, Shep has gotten far.

  13. beebo Says:

    by the way, how does an openly gay man justify working for Fox? Guess the $$$$$$ will make a gay man do anything!

  14. Dan Says:

    beebo Says:

    May 25, 2009 at 12:56 pm
    by the way, how does an openly gay man justify working for Fox? Guess the $$$$$$ will make a gay man do anything!

    Compared to what, working for the Communist News Network that only shows ONE sided totally biased news and kisses Marxist Obama’s ass all day, 24/7? Yeah that would be normal environment for a gay man right ? Oh and in case you missed it, Obama is not PRO gay or pro gay marriage – if only people studied and voted based upon policies you might understand what i am saying.

  15. beebo Says:

    dude…..I used to date him. He went with Fox because they pay cash…a gay man will do anything for cash apparently. Do you see a rin on his 41 year old finger? Wake up dude, what do you think ? Shep not gay? pleeeease….

  16. beebo Says:

    Oh yea, one more thing….I do know that Obama is not pro gay…its pretty obvious at this point no?

  17. beebo Says:


    One more thing, where are the girls he has dated coming to his defense? (not that gay needs to be defended, but at Fox it does)
    There are no girls in the picture, lots of guys though….Everyone at CNN knows he is gay, he is very open about it. I am sure they all know at Fox, which is very strange that he has not been fired yet,,,,,but look at SHep.

  18. Hugh J Says:


    Get a life! You are one of the moron queens who think that ALL gay people have to have the same political outlook…

    Liberals are DIVIDERS… and like to turn groups of people into VICTIMS.. that’s how they get their voting bloc….

    Dude, check out GoProud… there are plenty of conservative gays… they just don’t hang out in Chelsea or Ptown!

  19. Bruski Says:

    I had to say something on here because the girl that wrote that is my best friend :)

  20. sandy K Says:

    I hope Rick is NOT gay. He is smart, handsome, athletic, and seems genuinely nice. what a waste if he is gay. And to those who ask, what’s wrong with being gay, I say, it is not….let me repeat, NOT normal….no matter what our sick society says.

  21. Mike A Says:

    sandy K. You are the SICK one. Wow!

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