AM Sickness, Kiran?

Coke and crackers? As Kiran Chetry greeted her American Morning audience, she had an open Coke instead of her usual lipstick-kissed Starbucks grande. Later in the hour, Kiran had Nabisco Premium crackers nearby instead of her preferred Mickey Dee’s Sausage McMuffin. Kiran, well known for her voracious appetite and her morning coffee “addiction,” indeed had a rather paltry repast today.

In a Carpe Diem entry entitled “Kiran’s AM Nausea” two weeks ago, this author previously noticed Kiran looking queasy: however, since Kiran had recently (April ’08) given birth to Chrisopher, any thoughts as to a pregnancy were somewhat dismissed. Since then Kiran has looked similarly sick in another AM show. Today, she broke out the “morning sickness” best foods. Maybe, my initial assessment was a mite premature.

Is another Knowles in the offing? Since Kiran’s oldest Maya and her second Christopher are only about two years apart, her having another a little over a year apart doesn’t seem out of the question. Kiran, an only child, may desire to have a fuller quiver for her hubby Chris. If she does deliver another Chetry Knowles, she will help make her world a better place.–Food-guide-5269.htm

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4 Responses to “AM Sickness, Kiran?”

  1. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Or maybe the Nepalese Nitwit took a look at her ratings and those of FOX & Friends.

  2. Kep Says:

    Surely Kiran isn’t pregnant again. Her career is really taking off now, and I can bet she barely has time for the two she has already. I wonder how much time Chetry has to spend with her children? Is she raising them or does she have someone else doing all of the hard work? I mention this because Kiran and her leftwing media cohorts had such a hissy fit over Sarah Palin and the fact that she was running for VP with five children at home. They even accused her of child neglect.

    Kiran and the rest of the liberal media-nothing but hypocrites and pro-life haters.

  3. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Since Chris just works weekends, he probably plays Mr. Mom while the Nepalese Nitwit is supporting the family.

  4. Kep Says:

    Yeah, I guess Chris is now known as Mr. Chetry. I don’t know about him being Mr. Mom though. Knowles never struck me as much of a family man. He comes across as more the type that likes to take in the bars on a regular basis. Kiran makes so much dough now that she can afford full time help, like a live-in maid and that sort of thing. Kiran is a member of the liberal elite media-a member of the group who looks down on conservative Christians and dedicated pro-lifers as kooks and a threat to civilization as we know it. The libs are really the ones outside of the mainstream, but they are so brainwashed that they either refuse to see it or simply are not able to.

    And that GOLD STANDARD that Kiran refers to when speaking of CNN-well, I think I have a better term for it……how about a LOW STANDARD.

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