AM Cuts: F&F Keeps

Both American Morning and Fox & Friends ran the same excerpt from a CNN Palin interview with not surprisingly DIFFERENT editing results. In the exclusive with CNN’s Drew Griffin, Sarah Palin brought up Joe Biden’s assertion that Barack Obama if elected would face a generated international crisis within six months to test his mettle. As to the “gaffe,” Griffin asked, “Does Joe Biden get a pass?” Palin declared, “Drew, you need to ask your colleagues and your bosses…why does Joe Biden get a pass on such a thing?” She added, “If I would have said that, you guys’d clobbered me.”

CNN ran the clip twice and ended it there. However, Fox & Friends ran the same clip four times and let it run a little longer. What was the difference? Griffin’s response. After Palin’s assertion that CNN would have “clobbered” her if she had said the same thing as Biden, he replied, “You’re right. You’re right.”

F&F’s take? F&F co-host Gretchen Carlson commented, “To me the reaction of that [CNN] reporter is the headline of that interview.” Co-anchor Steve Doocy added, “And that’s the key, he was truthful: He was absolutely being honest.”

Different quotes for different folks.

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