Kiran Turns Up Heat

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry turned up the heat today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on air: it was at home. In fact, she told AM meteorologist Rob Marciano that her hubby Chris would probably wake up sweaty this morning.

For those whose minds may be wondering down a certain path, Kiran told AM meteorologist Rob Marciano that she turned on her heat in her house for the very first time this fall. Apparently, when she dressed, the chill was still very much in the air. On AM she wore an almost wintry navy jacket with a matching knee-length skirt and a warm persimmon blouse. To ensure that her ensemble was complete, she shod her feet in brown closed-toed high heels and painted her nails an autumn dark red.

Janelle, turn up the studio heat so that Kiran can do the same!

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One Response to “Kiran Turns Up Heat”

  1. Kep Says:

    Why would Kiran need any heat at all? Isn’t the thought of a President Obama enough to make her feel all warm and cozy? What a partisan and mean spirited news anchor she’s turned out to be. Her ad libs as of late are just plain childish and ignorant. Every time she opens her mouth it’s clear that she hasn’t had much time to do any research on the topics she pretends to know so much about.

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