Kiran’s AM Nausea

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry had an apparent bout of nausea today. During a young voter presidential debate perspective segment with Obama backer Alexandra Acker and McCain supporter Jason Mattera, Kiran held her stomach and gulped as if trying to keep her vittles in check. Morning sickness? It would seem a bit early after the April birth of her son Christopher Chetry. Perhaps, she was reacting to the pundits’ logorrhea. Or was she recalling yesterday’s brown pantsuit meant for Kyra Phillips that she had mistakenly put on? Regardless, she recovered nicely and continued in fine form.

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5 Responses to “Kiran’s AM Nausea”

  1. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Well it’s only fair, considering how she makes us nauseous when the TV in our fave breakfast place is tuned to CNN.

  2. Kep Says:

    I very much doubt it was morning sickness because of pregnancy. The most likely explanation is that she became absolutely sickened by the remarks being made by the conservative guest she was interviewing. Kiran, as you may know, seems to be very much on the left wing end of the scale. It’s either that, or her extreme excitement about Obama’s upcoming coronation is making her stomach do flip flops.

  3. Tom B. Says:

    Unfortunately, Kiran seems to be spreading her morning sickness around. This morning, a guest from the Washington Times reminded the audience that the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was disappointed that he had not done more in regards to his bombings some forty years ago. The Nepali Nitwit promptly “corrected” her by saying, “I want to clarify that statement: He did not say he wished he had bombed more buildings, he wished he had done more to protest the Vietnam War.” Well, Kiran. I ask you by what means did Ayers protest at the time? Let me answer that…HE BLEW UP BUILDINGS!

    Kiran, did Fox News teach you anything?

  4. Kep Says:

    I think Kiran might be a bit confused here, and it’s not surprising, since liberals live in a state of confusion. Kiran was clearly thinking that she was doing a service to both Ayers and Obama by trying to “correct” or “clarify” the statement. But, what she really did is come off as an anchor completely awash in stupidity. Okay, Ayers used bombings to protest the Vietnam War. And if he says that he had wished he had done more to protest that war, then the conclusion reached by intelligent folks would be to conclude that Ayers wanted to do either more bombings or something even worse, if that’s possible. Chetry is fastly becoming one of the worst liberal nitwits on cable tv.

    Sorry Kiran, instead of helping your comrades you ended up hurting them even more. See, we intelligent people understand this kind of stuff.

  5. U-2 Says:

    Perhaps Kiran’s “illness” was a sudden return to reality and recognizing that CNN is a ‘~@”ed up place to work!

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