Gretch’s Roberts Redux?

Yesterday Gretchen Carlson seemed to give the viewer her Fox & Friends’ version of John Roberts’ American Morning moment. On September 5, 2008, when discussing Barack Obama’s concern about being “swift-boated,” Roberts asked, “Do we risk, or does the Democratic Party here risk, Barack Obama becoming John Kerry II?” Yesterday, approximately a month later, in a segment on the Sarah Palin/Joe Biden debate with Bias author Bernard Golderg, F&F co-host Gretchen complained to Goldberg about a national newspapers’ headline that read “Biden Wins” when a mere 51% in the cited poll agreed. She asked, “Is that what we’re still up against?”

Did Gretchen inadvertently signal Fox & Friends’ presidential preference? To be fair, did Roberts’ slip manifest American Morning’s predilection? They report: You decide.


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10 Responses to “Gretch’s Roberts Redux?”

  1. Boogiewoogee Says:

    You really hate Gretchen so much that you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for attack material?

    Even for a semblance of fairness, will you EVER point out that the Nepalese Nitwit doesn’t even try to hide her political beliefs, now that she’s at the perennially low-rated CNN? Maybe she purposely got herself canned from FNC (by having her agent try to make Gretchen’s firing a part of Kiran’s deal) so that she could be with her ideological brethren at the left-wing CNN?

  2. Tom B. Says:

    Nepalese Nitwit… you come up with some good ones Boogiewoogee. But in Kiran’s defense she’s only half-Nepalese.

  3. spanner Says:

    Did the Gretch inadvertently reveal the Fox News channel presidential choice? I thougth they did that every day on every program. They are sooooo in the tank for the Republican party it is silly for them to keep up with the fair and balanced lie.

  4. Kep Says:

    I wonder if Kiran has her dancin’ shoes on for election night? And I wonder which inaugural ball she will attend? She’ll have a hard time deciding between the Marxist Ball, NARAL Pro Choice America or Michelle Obama’s “America is a mean country” ball.

    Boogie, you’re right. Kiran had been rubbing feet with CNN for a long time. She saw the rising saint Obama, knew this could be his year, and did all she could to make a dramatic exit from her sheltered existence at Fox so that she could answer her true calling-being a shill for the man who will save us all from ourselves, President and savior, Barack Obama. Oh, and she’s got the Palin-hating thing down pretty good as well.

  5. Tom B. Says:

    I once defended Kiran. Now I see she seems to be all in for the CNN agenda. From her almost orgasmic worshipping of Bono to her subtle shots at Palin, it is pretty obvious. I’m no Palin fan, but for a journalist to take subtle shots is unprofessional, say the least. (Kiran referred toa quote from a Washington publication and said, “This is one of a variety of papers I read in the morning”–sh then had a obvious rip on Palin.) She then went on to say after John Roberts had a serious interview on debt and disease policy in Africa with Bono–“We’re basking in the afterglow of Bono’s visit…etc… I was embarrassed for her.

    Forgive the errors, it’s tough to edit comments on this site.

  6. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Tom, I was just following Jake’s lead in constantly mentioning her father’s nationality.

    Kep, as a rule, we in the BW household don’t watch CNN, but it is on one of the TVs in our favorite breakfast place, so we sometimes look at it. Man oh man, is she in the tank for Obama and the left wing! That woman should have held out for a spot on MSNBC.

    Yes, we are becoming more and more convinced that the story about her agent demanding that Gretchen not only lose the center seat on F&F but also be FIRED is a true story, and that Kiran and her agent orchestrated the outrageous stunt in order to be let out of her FNC contract on the spot (she still had a bit of time left on her FNC deal) and skip off to left-wing heaven.

  7. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Poor spanner obviously doesn’t get CNN and MSNBC on his cable system, because if he wanted to see a couple of “news networks” totally in the tank for a candidate and party, that’s where to go.

    Let’s take up a collection to buy better cable access for spanner!

  8. Chris G Says:

    Spanner, FNC makes no apologies about being an alternative to EVERY OTHER NEWS OUTLET IN THE US. Yep, they have personalities who lean right, but when I watch FNC, they always have a lib and a conservative on the shows, debating their points.

    When I get the courage to peek at ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN- um, every other news outlet- all I hear are left-wing ideas being spewed as “news” and “fact”.

    It’s amusing to read that liberals have such a difficult time with Fox, but *no problem whatsoever* with ~ CNN, MSNBC, etc. Ya don’t care that those channels have downed the lefto Kool- Aid, but by golly, you are sure hatin’ on those who work at FNC. Yes, how tolerant is the left, again?

    It shall be interesting to see how the mainstream media does a complete 180 when Obama gets anointed, as far as reporting on the news. When he gets in the Oval Office, all the bad things in the world will stop, and peace, harmony and beauty shall cascade over this country like a gentle rain. Ahhhhh, it will be so nice. And of course, all bad things will *still* be the fault of GWB, not his holiness Barack.

  9. Kep Says:

    The hatred of Palin by Chetry and other females across this country boils down to one reason, and it’s real simple. Palin is pro-life, and libbys like Kiran can’t stand that. They don’t understand the meaning of sacrificial love, putting others before yourself even if it means some difficult times. Kiran can laugh, snicker and sneer all she wants at Palin. That kind of unprofessional behavior just further reinforces what most already thought about Chetry-that she’s just another airhead feminist liberal. The bad thing for Chetry is that there are thousands of younger, up and coming libs just like her out there in the journalism field. I give Chetry a couple more years at best on AM, but let’s face it, when looks is all you have going for you, there will always be a younger and prettier liberal face ready to step in. I guess maybe MSNBC could give her a home. Kiran would be great on Countdown. She could laugh and sneer at conservatives all she wants on there without having to pretend that she’s a real journalist.

  10. david Says:

    I watched the show for the fist time today an saw a that the people on it showed how they would go down with the sinking ship and thats honorable but, they all have to weak up or ether slow down drinking what ever was in those cups.

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