“What’s Your Problem With Gretchen? Seriously”

Carpe Diem reader Boogiewoogee took issue sharply with the author as to this blog’s treatment of Gretchen Carlson in the comments to “Debate Team.” He/she wrote, “What’s your problem with Gretchen. Seriously.” (Cf. https://jakeho.wordpress.com/2008/09/27/debate-team for his/her full comment.)

Gretchen is an attractive, intelligent, and capable woman. The current Fox & Friends co-host was apparently engaging enough as co-anchor of the CBS Saturday Early Show for FNC to choose her to replace E.D. Hill. Gretchen seems to be making a sincere effort to fit in with the Fox & Friends fold.

However, in this author’s view, Gretchen has yet to irradicate herself fully from the mindset of CBS and the rest of the dinosaur news media. The former anchor of the “CBS Saturday Early Show” seems to still be adjusting to FNC’s less scripted, less self-absorbed, and less reverential approach to the news. This former Miss America appears uncomfortable in engaging in unfettered give-and-take with her co-hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and guests. Moreover, she seems to be a bit slow on the uptake and to need to be assured constantly in her views.

Let’s hope that Gretchen can fully make the transition. In the meantime and beyond, the F&F suits could bring in some eye candy as headline news reader to ease the process. If not, the viewer will always have Alisyn Camerota as occasional fill-in host unless the savvy F&F suits lose her a la Kiran Chetry.

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16 Responses to ““What’s Your Problem With Gretchen? Seriously””

  1. Sue Cole Says:

    Amen. When Gretchen was on “assignment” last week, I really enjoyed the easy chemistry and commraderie on the curvy couch w/ Alisyn as her replacement. Gretchen is lovely but just has a bit of an antagonistic edge or bite to her some of the time, and it’s noticeable to the viewer.

  2. motownman Says:

    Gee Boogie, Jake hasn’t said anything 1/100th as bad as you have with your cruel, vicious attacks on Ainsley, which you continue to make in threads where she isn’t even a subject of discussion, such as the Page Hopkins thread.
    I agree with Jake.
    What a surprise to see Boogie can dish it out but he can’t take it.

  3. hgb3 Says:

    I’m telling you, F & F needs to replace Carlson with the iridescent Savannah Guthrie, posthaste. The mellifluousness of Ms. Guthrie’s voice combined with the luminosity of her countenance creates a force which simply cannot be ignored by mortal man.

  4. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Poor Sparty. Even just a smidgen of self-awareness would serve you so well in life. We haven’t said anything worse about Ainsley than you and your fellow celibates have said about Page.

    If you want to know who can dish it but can’t take it, look in the mirror, boy.

  5. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Jake, even in this post you couldn’t resist taking a cheap shot at Gretchen. Or do you think that calling for eye candy isn’t insulting to her?

    How do you know that Kiran was “favored” over her for the spot on F&F? As we remember it, Gretchen was already in that position when Kiran’s agent supposedly tried to get the former Miss America ejected from her position, and the FNC suits not only refused but tossed Kiran out on her exotic rear.

  6. Al Says:

    Well said, jake.

  7. jakeho Says:

    Boogiewoogee, thanks for catching my momentary memory lapse as to Gretchen’s selection prior to the breakdown of Kiran’s talks. As you probably know, Kiran was my preferred choice.

    As to your characterization of my “eye candy” suggestion to the FNC suits being a “cheap shot” and “insulting” to Gretchen, I disagree completely. I am not trying to insult her: If I were, I would probably be a bit more specific and acerbic. I am merely calling it as I see it.

  8. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, Al.

  9. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Of course you’re entitled to your choices and tastes, but you should at least be upfront about it.

    It most definitely IS an insult to want FNC to add some “eye candy” when there is already a woman on the show. We don’t recall you pining for the suits to bring in some “eye candy” on the weekends when Ainsley first took over on F&FW and doubled as headline reader (before Courtney was inflicted on the audience to mangle the words in the teleprompter).

  10. jakeho Says:

    Boogiewoogee, I fear your zeal in some chivalrous defense of Gretch is misplaced. When you indicated that Gretchen was eye candy in a “Debate Team” comment, you limited it to her face: You thus implicity admitted that her figure does not fall within that rubric. FNC seems to have agreed with you with its removal of any other female from the permanent F&F crew. Recognition of this fact is not an insult it merely states reality.

  11. spanner Says:

    If Gretchen can’t make the adjustments after this amount of time then maybe she isn’t the right person for the job. I have dealt with other Miss America’s and they were gracious and charming and didn’t have to wear a short skirt to keep their jobs. Gretchen was hired to be Eye Candy plus all three of the hosts are so totally in the tank for the Republican party it is laughable when they say they are “fair and balanced”.

  12. M. Davey Says:

    I don’t know how Gretchen functions on a daily basis if she’s reading this log. Gretchen is a clever interviewer and is a nice looking woman. She does not exude sex as some people want, but she is what the show needs. Brian and Steve and E.D. were on from the time I got FNC, during the first Bush election, and I grew to love them. I hated it when they were separated. But, as I understood it, E.D. wanted to do something different. If it didn’t work out, that is sad, but Gretchen is in her seat now and will probably stay.
    Just quit nit-picking everything that Gretchen does.
    I would suspect that if people nit-picked everything that Kiran did, they wouldn’t like her either. And as for Page, I guess she made her own decision. I haven’t heard of a lawsuit being filed, so I guess whatever happened must have been mutual.
    I just wish they would do some shaking up on the Pensacola local channel. We have a sportscaster, who is the son of a Navy admiral and he has been delivering the sports ever since I came to Pensacola, in 1973. And man, that is a long time. Our weather girl is no beauty, but she delivers the weather and I guess that’s what people want. Our news co-anchor, a woman has been on here for 30+ yrs. also and the man a little less time.
    We could use some switching around.
    I guess people just don’t like change. As long as they’re capable, I have no gripes. Now that they’ve “sort of” fixed Saturday and Sunday, it’s a little bit watchable, but Fox needs to really think long and hard about Dave and Clayton. And how many shows can Alisyn do? It’s just ridiculous. She’s not THAT good!

  13. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Jake, if you want to believe that chivalry is involved, then apply to a preference to avoid publicly drooling over women’s bodies. The male half of Boogiewoogee thinks Gretchen looks delectable – from her sweetly beautiful face to her feminine figure.

    As difficult as it may be to believe, there are plenty of men who prefer a woman with a softer physique, with curves that unabashedly show that she’s a woman, as opposed to the more angular and severe look of a certain other female who’s very popular around here.

    We both like Aly and credit her with making F&FW tolerable again (despite the continuing presence of Claytoon), but her physical appearance just isn’t a factor for us.

  14. Mike2 Says:

    It is still obvious that you are infatuated with Alisyn who cannot come close to the talent or charm of Gretchen.

  15. Al Says:

    Infatuation might better describe your defence of Ms. Carlson, Mike. I can’t speak for anyone else, but Alisyn Camerota can more naturally handle the flow and ebb of this somewhat irreverent morning show. She does this better than Gretchen Carlson.
    On a mid-afternoon show, on the other hand, it’s quite possible Gretchen would be better at it than Alisyn.

  16. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Two years on & Gretch is still struggling in the center seat …

    She just does NOT have the chutzpah to battle/banter with Steve & Brian … and many times, she says something that is extremely condescending towards Brian …

    Gretch was better on CBS … where it wasn’t so much of an ensemble trio that had to work together … There was more one-on-one action …

    When Gretch seems to get upset, I keep getting the feeling that she wants to stomp her feet in a huff off the set and slam the door to her dressing room / office …

    I’ve watched the network since Day One … when it literally signed on back in Oct 1996 … It’s NOT getting better … It’s getting WORSE …

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