Page: A New Chapter

An observant ICN reported yesterday that the bio of Page Hopkins had been removed from the FNC site. Today TVNewser revealed that sources said former Fox & Friends co-host had indeed left Fox News recently on her own terms. Were these sources the same ones that said she was on vacation when FNC exiled her to Etna with an occasional pass (to guest host at the Breaking News desk on Happening Now)?

Page will be missed by her many fans, especially, those who deeply resented FNC’s sudden replacement of her and her co-hosts, Greg Kelly and Kelly Wright, without notice or explanation. Page is a real asset that FNC is losing. Hopefully, she will find a stint at another network that will fully utilize her talents.

Much continued success, Page!

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10 Responses to “Page: A New Chapter”

  1. Boogiewoogee Says:

    But hey! We still have Courtney Friel, Ainsley Earhardt and Jill Dobson, so Let Vacuity Reign! Whoo hoo!

    At least Page and Brigitte had more going for them than just their looks, so that when they past the age of 30, they had something the 3 above never had and never will have: brains.

    The 3 airheads (Friel, Earhardt, Dobson) will not have on-air careers once they lose what little “freshness” they still have and they start to look “mature.”

  2. Al Says:

    I hope Page Hopkins is doing what she wants. Maybe her and Laurie Dhue will hook up and have a talk show.

  3. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I miss Page, Greg and Kelly. When Fox dumped that trio, I felt like the adults had left the building. Even the addition of Alisyn doesn’t do it for me. I don’t even watch the weekend show anymore. It’s a total train wreck!

    My best wishes are with Page.

  4. CathyG Says:

    Had hoped that the addition of Aly to the weekend crew would turn things around for the show. It’s improved a little, if only because Ainsley and Courtney are gone, but it’s still not working. The two guys aren’t learning from Aly’s experience. Clayton in particular talks over her and ignores her even to the point of half turning his back on her while sitting on the couch.

    Apparently the powers that be agree it’s not working too well – they’ve got the weekday crew slotted in for Saturday for the fall out over the presidential debate- not something I recall happening in the Greg/Page/Kelly days.

    Good luck Page, hopefully you’ll do a Kiran and end up with a much better career.

  5. Boogiewoogee Says:

    For us, Aly takes the weekend show from utterly unwatchable to tolerable. But now that Page and Greg are gone from the network, we hold out little hope for a truly enjoyable show.

  6. den1515 Says:

    Good Luck Page!!!

    FOX Lost a good person there.I just wonder why they haven’t put Clayton on their bio page?Maybe they’ll wake up and get rid of him.FOX really ruined the weekend show!! Aly can’t even help the show with him there.

    GOOD LUCK PAGE, Good bye Fox week end show.

  7. Beefeater Says:

    Page had style, grace, femininty, wit and an IQ. Fox outfoxed theselves as I and many others no longer eagerly tune FFW. Ali is great, but she’s been placed between two dunderheads with absolutely no stage presense. Alas, the Saturday cartoons will get higher ratings. Come back Page!!!

  8. Noelmas Says:

    I believe Fox News is running itself or Brian Kilmeade is calling the shots.
    Since Roger Ailes will not answer his email, I will publicly state, he made a big boo boo in getting rid of Page Hopkins! Working at Fox News must be like going thru a revolving door

  9. Gazzara5 Says:

    Not only does Fox remove it’s best anchors like Page, E.D., and Greg, but it replaces the men with airheads like Clayton and merely overworks the women it still has left. I don’t mind Courtney and Jill doing fluff, but the serious stuff is way over their heads. Jamie Colby is intelligent, but has no stage presence and talks like a drone. What was Fox’s problem with Page anyway? Fox News is ruining itself. It used to be the best.

  10. Cheryl Says:

    FNC has definitely taken to fixing things that aren’t broken. They finally had a good weekend team in place (after many false starts) and then let the three of them go. And I agree with you that even Alisyn can’t make up for the two immature, arrogant males on the weekend show now. I don’t miss Ainsley or Courtney, either. If anyone finds out where Page is now, please post her whereabouts. I hope she landed well!

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