AM: A Minor “Slip”

Kiran Chetry (or her cameraman) had a serendipitous minor “slip” today. After a commercial break, a standing Kiran introduced a “Dream Job” segment in which Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviewed a NASA sleep test subject who had to stay in bed for weeks. For a brief moment the cameraman captured her in her gold-trimmed ebony slippers (or flats): apparently, either Kiran forgot to change them for her brownish high heels or the cameraman unthinkingly included Kiran’s shoes in the shot. After Sanjay’s story, a newly high-heeled Kiran returned. Serendipitous? Yes. Slippers before the sleep segment and high heels afterwards.

By the way, Kiran is moving up in her off-camera footwear. As the reader may remember, the camera “caught” a gravid Kiran sporting pavonine sneakers under her desk. After the close-up, an “abashed” Kiran (or EP Janelle Rodriguez) must have decided a less caz look was more AM-appropriate.

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One Response to “AM: A Minor “Slip””

  1. Kep Says:

    Oh, the new glitzier footwear is probably just a reflection of the mood there in the CNN newsroom. It must be getting quite festive in there, as the victorious coronation of Mr. Obama looms ever larger!

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