Lehman Monday: A “Gay” American Morning

At 8:02 ET two pranksters tried to sabotage a live American Morning segment on the collapse of Lehman Brothers. As AM’s Allan Chernoff reported in front of the historic investment bank, two embracing wanton wags with tongues aflicking began a faux make-out session. The unblinking reporter glanced at the men behind him twice and without a word of recognition stoically continued his story while the camera person panned away for the duration of the story. After Allan tossed back to Kiran Chetry, she charitably commented, “Allan didn’t notice this probably but, of course, our television viewers did: two guys, just obviously trying to make light of a bad situation, pretending to console each other out there.”

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2 Responses to “Lehman Monday: A “Gay” American Morning”

  1. verbs Says:

    I saw that this morning, that was hilarious and I am trying to find the video. man I wish people would make asses of themselves more often like that! That was so freaking FUNNY!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Where is the video????

  2. Tom B. Says:

    It was a silly Howard Stern stunt.

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