Frumpy Aly & Her Doublemen Twins

Frumpy Aly made Fox & Friends Weekend less than compelling television. Yesterday her subdued look (blue Polo-like top with crew neck and short sleeves and white just-above-the-knee skirt) was in order because of the gravity of Hurricane Ike: today her ruby dress (akin to a longer robe worn by your nana) meant you might be better served to listen in on XM radio. With the medicine (or is it the placebo?) that her flavorless Doublemen twins serve up, a little Aly eye candy is needed to make it go down a mite easier.

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18 Responses to “Frumpy Aly & Her Doublemen Twins”

  1. Tom Says:

    Ok- so people always complain that Fox always hires “only beautiful women”- so Ali was still “beautiful” -can we look beyond the clothes? Looks like the trio is set for now… I’m rather getting accustomed to their style.

  2. M. Davey Says:

    Well, let me see. Aly has been looking a little frumpy. She has nice hair, but it’s been just in her face too much lately. But, she’s still good at what she does. The “Doublemen Twins” is a humorous touch. If I’m not looking at the tv, I have trouble differentiating the voices of the two.
    I can tell Dave is reading the material, and Clayton is better at it than he is, but Dave can just spin around and turn into our Golden Retriever at a moment’s notice. Sort of like Jim Carrey in Mask.
    I still like Fox and Friends better than any other cable morning show (and watching local and regular networks is just NOT an option), so I guess I’m having to like them.
    Our main complaints were Ainsley and Courtney and they’re gone, except for Courtney and the star’s happenings and I just do something else while that is on, because stars and their real lives and opinions just are of no interest and are very irksome. Therefore, I can live with Clayton and Dave and Alyson. However, when they have Alyson sub for Gretchen on the mornings I just have Aly overload. I expect she is overloaded also.
    I hope she gets paid at least what Katie Couric gets.

  3. Al Says:

    I’m not thrilled with the “Doublemen Twins” (hehe – that’s funny, jake) but the show is plenty decent enough now. Perhaps I’d think differently had I completely missed the months of Ms. Friel and Ms. Earhardt.

    If what they were wearing or how much leg is exposed was a big deal to me then I’d watch Naked News. I don’t care what Alisyn Camerota wears as I’m happy enough with her work.

  4. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    They need to dump Clayton …

    He still talks over people, misses cues, sits on the edge of the couch as if he has to run to the potty when they go to commercial or a remote shot …

    He’s NOT funny … His ego is too big for the building at 1211 Avenue of the Americas …

    He’s biased … he’s a liberal … he’s opinionated … he can’t separate fact from fantasy … he’s delusional … he’s rude … he’s obnoxious … he’s self-centered … he’s egotistical … he’s smarmy …

    He’s just plain bad … and not in a good way …

    Roger Ailes MUST FIRE Clayton NOW !!!!

  5. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Oh, come on. Who really cares what anyone on TV news is wearing, as long as it’s professional?

    Like the others here, we’re not jumping for joy over the “Doublemen Twins,” but the show is substantially superior without the Twin Twits – Britney Friel (not credible even as a headline reader) and the self-absorbed Butterface.

    I just want the people on my TV to give me the news, have a sense of humor (when appropriate) and don’t insult our intelligence. And we don’t want or need a gynecological view of the anchors, hostesses and newsreaders.

  6. hgb3 Says:

    Good luck trying to find the “Naked News” on DISH Network these days, Al. It used to be on Channel 544 and ran in the 9:30 p.m. time slot for about a year, but was pulled by the ‘higher ups’ in the front office and replaced with “Ice Truckers.”

    I always enjoyed the weather segment with ‘Peaches LaCreme’. She was a very knowledgeable weathergirl and really knew her stuff!

  7. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Having never watched “Naked News”, I really have no comment on that tangent. Still am watching very little F&FW. Only watched a little this past weekend due to hurricane coverage. (Rick is still the most talented member of the cast now.) The only thing I did see Sunday was their real men segment, at which they both failed miserably. They are neither real men, nor was the segment that funny. Tedious at best.

    They have basically just lost me and my family on the weekends. Even Aly (whom I really like) doesn’t make me want to turn them on. I’m sure others are drifting back, but I’ll never be a committed viewer as I was in the Greg/Page/Kelly days.

  8. Al Says:

    Naked News used to be available over the internet for free. I checked it out just for the novelty of it and it was neat, but once you’ve seen one you’ve… ummm… seen ’em both if you know what I mean.

    Thing is, the news was actually thorough and well delivered and so I’d often just listen to it. I think it’s a pay-for-service thing now and don’t know if it is available over cable or satellite.

    As I’m typing this, Ainsley Earhardt is delivering the news update. She’s very good at this and I’m sure she has a bright future at FNC doing things other than F&F.

  9. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Oh no, Al! According to Sparty and the other bright lights of RC, Butterface is being unfairly treated and since her dream is to host a morning news show. Saying that she’s well-suited to what she’s doing now are fightin’ words.

    From what you say about Naked News, it sounds like Butterface and Britney wouldn’t make the cut there.

  10. Al Says:

    I don’t mean to start a fight with those all-eyeball guys at RC. Ms. Earhardt is a good assignment reporter and a good news reader. She just wasn’t a good fit on Fox & Friends. If they take issue with my opinion then they can [text deleted so jake doesn’t have to edit me again].

    I can tell you without a doubt, Boogiewoo, that Courtney Friel would not make the cut on Naked News at least as it was a couple-three years ago. As I recall, they have a version for the ladies to watch, too, but I never watched or listened to that one so I can’t say if they’re any good at news reading.

  11. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Al, of course they take issue with anyone who doesn’t worship Queen Butterface and agree that she’s the best thing to hit TV news since the invention of the TV. They cannot accept the fact that she’s horrendous at thinking on her feet and in anything other than small doses, her personality is extremely grating.

    Would Britney Friel not make the cut because she stinks so much at even reading headlines, or because she’s flat-chested?

  12. Al Says:

    I was only commenting on Courtney Friel’s news reading abilities, Boogiewoo. I have no opinion on whether or not she’d meet the rest of that network’s requirements.

  13. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Understood, Al. Thanx. But her fans would be VERY disappointed if they were to see her disrobed these days. Not only is she flat-chested but she also appears to be loading up on the fast food and not spending much if any time in the gym. Not a smart thing to do when your career is based solely on your looks.

  14. Meghyn C Says:

    Get Kelly and Wright back with Alyison! They knew how to balance humor and the news and not impressed with themselves. The Dave and Clayton are weaklings and need to find their right niche which is not their current job.

  15. motownman Says:

    Boogie, you spelled great incorrectly when talking about Ainsley’s personality
    As beautiful as she is, her sunny personality is what I miss most about her
    She is warm, down to earth and as positive a person as I’ve ever seen
    Greg Kelly called her angelic and she truly is
    She’s genuine, too
    With Ainsley, what you see is what you get
    She will get through this purgatory Fox has placed her in and she will keep on smiling no matter what
    I believe in Ainsley, as do many others

  16. Al Says:

    Purgatory? I don’t think so. Ainsley is on fairly often and I’ve seen several recent reports by her. She seems to be doing just fine and, as far as I can tell, the only thing she’s been taken off of is F&F.

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