Gretch Roars Anew

Gretchen Carlson, Fox & Friends co-host, roared anew as WOMAN. Fresh from taking on Sally Quinn for her questioning of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s ability to be a mother and help govern the nation, Gretch took patent umbrage at radio show personality Mike Papantonio’s comments today. In a segment on Palin’s first interview since being selected by the GOP, Papantonio dismissively referred to Palin as “this woman” twice and opined, “Sarah Palin wants a free pass because she’s a woman.” A palpably piqued Gretchen responded, “Oh, give me a break: wait a minute.” She added, “Did she ask for the free pass when they annihilated her before she opened her mouth? This has risen above politics; this is about the cultural effect of sexism in this society; and when you say a comment like that, Mike, it’s just, it’s deplorable.” Wisely, Papantonio finally held his tongue.

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8 Responses to “Gretch Roars Anew”

  1. dawndawn Says:

    Good for Gretchen! — She has become inspired by the very competent, feminine Governor Sarah Palin! — and so have I!

  2. Kep Says:

    This is one of the main examples why Kiran Chetry didn’t get the job that Gretchen currently holds at Fox. Fox wanted someone to challenge the wacky libs, and Kiran, being such a lib herself, wouldn’t have been willing to do so. Kiran has shown a lot of dislike for Palin over at CNN. Gretchen is the perfect pick for that job, and the ratings lately have proven that.

  3. Paige Says:

    Kep, I wouldn’t go that far in saying Gretchen is the perfect pick for that job at F & F. I think Alisyn is so much better than her.

  4. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Excellent points, Kep. That’s probably also the reason that Aly isn’t the weekday co-host.

    I imagine that if Gretchen had been there the other day instead of Aly during the After Show, that she would have reacted to that coked out “comedian” a lot differently – and with some actual outrage.

  5. Kep Says:

    Boogiewoogee, From watching Gretchen on Fox and Friends, I’ve come to the conclusion that she harbors a fairly conservative values system. I’ve heard her speak about the importance of things like character, which is something that you don’t hear from the loudmouth liberals on the other channels. Conservative women are refreshing, and when you compare Gretchen to her female counterparts on all of the other morning shows, she really does stand out. She’s different.

    So, CNN can have Kiran Chetry. She fits right into their values system. And what is that, you might ask? The tingly-Obama loving, conservative woman bashing, America is at fault crowd. Remember, liberal women are not for the empowerment of all women, but instead, only those who meet their qualifications. If you’re not a card carrying member of NARAL, forget it. The lib ladies will tear you to shreds. It’s been on display for all to see during the last two weeks. Quite a spectacle, that’s for sure. And very revealing.

  6. Kep Says:

    Paige, I think Alisyn is very good as well. In all probability, she’s as liberal as the day is long, but after watching her for many years, it is very hard to know this woman’s politics. She’s very good at playing devils advocate, and I think that speaks volumes about how seriously she takes her job as a journalist. That is one of the big differences between Camerota and Chetry. Chetry has developed a very partisan attitude since going to CNN, while Camerota plays it straight down the middle. It all speaks to professionalism-some strive for it while others don’t bother to even attempt it.

  7. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Kep, it’s not just libs loving to bash conservative women – they bash everyone who doesn’t toe their line.

    They’re all for tolerance and respect … until you express a view that doesn’t agree with theirs. Then you’re not merely wrong – you’re stupid, evil, a liar, a demon.

    As for Aly, we’re just sorry she didn’t show any of her trademark spunk when that coked out “comedian” was acting like a total a*** the other day on the After the Show Show. I don’t know if she was afraid that he’d turn on her next or if she was actually enjoying it, but we were disappointed.

  8. Kep Says:

    I didn’t see the After the Show Show. Who was this comedian and what did he say?

    On the subject of tolerance, I think if you look at our culture as a whole and how it has evolved over the last several decades, it’s quite clear that conservatives have compromised and allowed liberals to have their way much of the time. In other words, I think conservatives have shown more of a tolerance of liberals than the libs have shown of conservatives.

    While watching Fox and Friends this morning, I really was stunned by a comment made by pollster Frank Luntz. He said that by the time the election was over, every news anchor will show who’s side they are on. Uh, Frank, I think that’s already been happening for some time now.

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