Kiran, “Last Word”?

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry gave conservative’s national political reporter Amanda Carpenter the “last word.” Or did she? In today’s debate segment between Hilary Rose (lib Huffington Post’s Political Director and Dem strategist) and Amanda, Kiran appeared to take it back to a degree.

In Kiran’s last question to Rose, she asked how Hillary Clinton could counter Sarah Palin’s star power without attacking her? Rose said that Hillary would go after Palin on the issues and decried Palin as a “kind of protege of Phyllis Schlafly and the right wing, the government making decisions for women and their families.” Kiran asked, “Amanda, last word?”

When Carpenter began to laud Palin as to her reformer status, her energy policy, and her fight against corruption in the Republican party, Kiran interjected an interrogatory on Palin-accepted earmarks (as mayor) that Rose had not even raised. In light of Rose’s immediately prior slam on Palin’s pro-life views, Kiran’s query seemed to echo a perceived CNN bias against the pro-life Alaskan governor and GOP vice-presidential nominee. Hopefully, not.

Kiran, last word?

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9 Responses to “Kiran, “Last Word”?”

  1. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    And we’re surprised by this how? As I’ve said previously, all of these so-called feminists only back the sisterhood if they’re on the same page or in the same little box. Give them a real independent, free-thinking woman and they go beserk. Not only did I contribute to McCain/Palin, but now I’m going to go back and renew my NRA membership.

  2. boogiewoogee Says:

    I wonder if Kiran wishes that her agent didn’t p*ss off FNC and propel her to a much smaller audience, or if she was willing to give up national fame in order to freely fly her left-wing flag.

  3. Kep Says:

    Kiran has always reflected pro-abortion views. It makes me sick. Oh, and she’s probably got a tingle going up her leg for not only Obama, but for Biden as well. Biden is from her part of the world, and every time she’s ever interviewed him, she kisses up to him. Yes, it is very interesting to see how those who have championed the working career woman are suddenly tearing a prime example of that to shreds. But, since Palin doesn’t believe in dumping babies in the trash, they are going to make her life a living hell. What they are doing to her is mild compared to what is to come.

  4. Kep Says:

    I’ve one more observation to add about Ms. Chetry. Back in her Fox days, she got all upset because Mike Jerrick was handling a live lobster, and Kiran expressed dismay and was concerned that the lobster might feel pain or be hurt by Jerrick. Another instance was when Kiran was visibly upset by a story about a bird with some sort of dart stuck in it. And to top it all off, she once recounted her experience of walking for blocks around NYC to find a place that would accept an injured bird that she had found on the sidewalk. Now, this is your typical liberal pro-abortion type woman. They have absolute fits over the mistreatment of animals, but when it comes to unborn children, well, I guess they simply consider that some spare parts to be sucked out and tossed away. The mindset is very warped, but actually very common amongst libs.

    Mrs. Palin has a tough road ahead of her. The news media does not want a pro-life woman to be front and center. It might persuade someone to not have an abortion, and we all know the liberals wouldn’t want that to happen.

  5. boogiewoogee Says:

    If Biden is from Nepal, then he’d be constitutionally ineligible to be Veep. Time for Obamarama to pick a new running mate!

  6. Kep Says:

    Biden isn’t from Nepal, he’s from Delaware. Kiran is from Maryland, but has close ties to Delaware as well.

    Getting back to that interview today with the liberal guest and the conservative guest. I always tape both AM and Fox and Friends, then skip through them later on to see the guests, interviews, etc,. I watched Kiran’s rude interruption of the guest from TownHall. She had just given her the last word, and then the minute she says something about “earmarks” concerning Gov. Palin, Kiran practically goes ballistic, almost bordering on angry. The other lady from Huffington Post got no harsh questioning, no interruptions at all. You know, Kiran has gone from a liberal who tried to cover it up from time to time to a bitter, one-sided left wing hack. Did you also notice how the only highlights they showed from the MTV awards were of Britney Spears, with no footage at all of the disgusting pro-Obama display that went on? The host was slamming Palin’s pregnant daughter, saying something about her parents forcing her to have her baby. This was after he had been talking with a celebrity couple, whom he addressed as “having a child for the right reasons”. What a slimbag.

  7. M. Davey Says:

    I would like to take the attention off the usual insults of Sarah Palin. I would like to invite everyone to look at Pat Oliphant’s political cartoon in the New York Times of 09/09/08.

    This cartoon makes a definite slur against Palin’s religion and suggests that people “who speak in tongues” are not heart by God. They suggest that God can’t hear Sarah Palin and that he hears her prayers as some “Damn right-wing politician spoutin’ gibberish!”. As one who believes in prayer, I doubt God ever thinks of a prayer in that manner, even selfish prayers.

    I have a memory of people insulting the Catholic religion when John Kennedy was running for president and all those fears proved to be unfounded. Do people think that Sarah Palin might lapse into “speaking in tongues” during a speech?

    Kiran has changed since she left Fox News Channel. She was really quite conservative over there, using tough questions against Liberals. I guess she styles her interviews in the manner that will keep her job safe.

  8. Kep Says:

    M Davey, Have you noticed that the liberal media suddenly thought that being a Christian was cool when Obama mentioned his religious faith in interview after interview. I didn’t hear any shouts about “separation of church and state” where Obama was concerned. Doesn’t it seem strange that only when Republicans speak of their religious faith that it’s suddenly a bad thing and not something that they should mix with their politics? See, only the liberal interpretation of The Bible is acceptable to liberals.

    Kiran has changed greatly since she left Fox. Now, she was always personally liberal, but I do feel that she went after Democrats as well as Republicans equally. Since going to CNN, Kiran has shut off any tough questions of Democrats, and has let many an opportunity slip by when interviewing many left wingers, allowing them to give speeches without challenge. The interview with the two ladies the other day was glaringly biased. Kiran barked at the lady from TownHall but had nothing but very friendly and generalized exchanges with the lady from Huffington Post.

    I can imagine that working with that elite circle of journalists at CNN, attending their cocktail parties in the Hamptons and moving on up to that five bedroom house in the burbs, not to mention exclusive baby photo spreads in celeb magazines, will ultimately change a person. Oh, and did I mention that big pay raise as well?

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