Good Kiran, Bad John

Today American Morning’s Kiran Chetry was good cop to John Roberts’ very bad one. Kiran defended Palin and other mothers’ rights to pursue higher office and a career in general vis-a-vis Roberts’ earlier incendiary and insidious indicting of Sarah Palin’s decision to accept the historic GOP nomination as vice presidential nominee. Roberts had questioned whether Palin could provide appropriate care to a Down’s Syndrome child and be Vice President of the United State of America at the same time: He failed to mention that Palin’s husband is a stay-at-home dad and did not wonder aloud whether the Dem male presidential nominee Barack Obama could provide adequate care for his two young daughters. Nursing mother and professional journalist Kiran Chetry took Sally Quinn to task for posing a similar query in her troglodyte column as to whether the Alaskan Athena could wage war and spin the distaff at the same time.

Laurels, Kiran! Brickbats, John!

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6 Responses to “Good Kiran, Bad John”

  1. Kep Says:

    Chetry has been picking apart Palin just like all the rest of her MSM buddies over the past week. So you found one interview that makes Chetry seem like a reasonable interviewer. CNN has been blasting Palin like they hate her. That little fact check segment of Palin’s speech on today’s show is just another example of the bias. Where was the fact check of Biden’s speech? Huh?

    Palin is pro-life, and it is the main reason hacks like Chetry and others in the media dislike her so. They feel threatened by her and don’t want her example to be out there for millions to see and hear. If she had aborted her Down Syndrome child, you think they’d have it in for her quite as much? Sally Quinn-what a joke. Don’t be fooled by Chetry’s line of questioning-she just teed up the ball so Quinn could hit it out of the park. Libs help each other out like that.

  2. Tom B. Says:

    But Kep, Quinn didn’t hit it out of the park. As a matter of fact, she got herself out. Check the transcript. Chetry asks her if she would question the same thing about a man. She replies, “absolutely.” She then goes on to contradict that answer for the balance of the interview.

  3. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Speaking as a working mother I can say that I have been offended and angered by the MSM’s treatment of Palin. So much so that I have sent a $100 campaign donation to McCain/Palin. I’ve been voting since 1972 and have never contributed to a campaign, but this time is different. They have angered me to the point that I may even send an additional donation. Chetry, Quinn, Dowd et al are all hypocritical. They only believe in strong women who fit into their little criteria box. My great hope is that they will have to eat their words along with crow when McCain/Palin win.

  4. Kep Says:

    G.R.I.T.S- You know why these gals in the lib media are so upset? They see Sarah Palin as a woman who gladly and willingly gave birth to 5 children, one of them being a Down Syndrome child. That last child, little Trig, doesn’t quite fit their criteria for what constitutes a human being. Now, these women would revere and celebrate Mrs. Palin if she were to get on the news, tell them she regretted giving birth to her five children, wishing she had gone to Planned Parenthood instead, especially for her last pregnancy. This woman would be a goddess to the mainstream media. Kiran, Campbell Brown and the likes of Sally Quinn ought to be ashamed of themselves. They’ve spent their lives running around, getting that all-important career recognition, flapping their gums in front of a tv camera every single day, reading from a prompter and getting ridiculous amounts of money that makes them feel so important. Mrs. Palin has lived the feminist lifestyle as well, but at least there’s a chance she might have something of substance to offer when all is said and done. In the meantime, Chetry and Brown run off to work while their little kids are home, all for the sake of pushing that nice little agenda of their’s. At least Palin’s cause is a bit more noble.

  5. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Amen, Kep, Amen!

  6. boogiewoogee Says:

    I thought that they’re so upset because it appears that the first female VP is a full-throated conservative, not some screechy liberal – and it’s not Hillary.

    They also don’t like that Palin is beautiful, (relatively) young, charismatic.

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